To dream of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotic suggestion

Dreaming of hypnotherapy

Etymologically, the word hypnosis comes from the Greek word for “sleep“, but it should be emphasized that hypnosis is not sleeping, as shown by differences in EEG images of hypnotic trance and sleep phases. Hypnosis is explained as a suggestion with an altered state of consciousness.

Dreams work about the same. Berthold Stokvis defined hypnosis as a condition caused by an affective (often insignificant) decrease in previously narrowed consciousness in which there is a regression of basic personality functions (thinking, feeling, will), as well as bodily functions. During hypnosis, subjects most often remain aware of their response. In this article, we explain the symbolism of dreams about hypnosis.

13 interpretations of dreams about hypnosis

Dreaming of hypnotherapy

This kind of dream is often associated with reputation and success. You will experience many business successes in the near future. Many will admire you for your business results, and some will envy you. Many people will ask you for tips that will lead them to a successful career like yours.

Dreams in which you are hypnotized

A dream like this is often a sign that someone will deceive you. Even if someone cheats on you, it will be a good lesson for you. People are like shells – you have to open a lot of them to find a pearl. That way you will learn what kind of people there are in the world. No matter how many times you have been brought to your knees, it is important that you get up and continue to follow your dreams.

Dreaming of hypnotizing someone

These dreams often symbolize that you should stop doing dangerous jobs. Most people always choose the easier and faster way to get money, but you can have a number of consequences. In any case, it would be good to understand that you should not risk the status and reputation you have gained through hard work for short-term satisfaction and benefits.

To be paralyzed during hypnosis

This kind of dream is often a symbol of fear. You do not want to be financially, materially or emotionally dependent on other people. You want complete freedom. Your greatest fear is that your freedom will be violated. Lately, people from the environment have been interfering in your decisions, which violates your independence.

You do not want to ruin relationships with those people who offer help, but you do not want their help. It is good to be honest, even if people around you do not like it. After all, the final decision about your life should always be made by you, no one else walks in your shoes, so no one should even decide for you.

To lie under hypnosis

Such dreams symbolize that it is not easy to deceive you. You read people well and you do not trust a lot of people. You do not have many friends, your friendships usually have lasted for years, you rarely confide your secrets to people. You do not like lies and deception. You have built walls around you, and you do not allow anyone to approach you. You may be able to protect yourself from injury, but there is also the possibility of eliminating people who have good intentions towards you.

Dreaming of falling into a coma because of hypnosis

This dream often symbolizes your hypersensitivity. You are hurt even by small things from dear people. You are an extremely offensive person. Because of your character, those who know you love you, but this characteristic often makes you a problem with strangers. But you are who you are, not everyone should love you. Whoever loves you will love you just the way you are.

Dream of crying during hypnosiss

A dream in which you cry symbolizes your grief over events from the past. Maybe you lost a loved one, survived a long-term relationship crash, or made a choice that was not good for you. This attitude prevents you from moving forward. It is not worth crying over spilled milk. Appreciate the present moment and live in the present, dedicate your time to planning the future. You can not erase the past, but let it be great preparation for a perfect future.

To dream of laughing under hypnosis

This dream symbolizes that you have a problem, but you keep it to yourself and try to solve it without anyone’s help. Keep in mind that every problem is easier when it is shared with someone else. A problem shared is a problem halved. If you trusted people more, it would be easier for you to overcome all life’s problems and you would live a better life.

To rave under hypnosis

You are hiding a big secret from your loved one. You do not want a loved one to know about your past. It is always good to be honest with dear people. An honest and long-lasting relationship can only be based on honesty. Admit to your loved one what it is about and take that burden off your back.

To dream of waking from hypnosis

A dream like this symbolizes your desire for change. You may change college, job, occupation, partner, life. You feel unhappy and you think change will get you where you want to be. There is only one corner of the Universe that you can surely change, and that is yourself. If we do not change, we do not grow. If we do not grow, we do not really live. Therefore, if the change will make you happier, then change your life and be happy.

To perform hypnosis on the partner

A dream in which you hypnotize your partner symbolizes your insecurity. You are afraid of loneliness. Your biggest fear is that your loved one will leave you. You have no self-confidence and no faith in yourself. If you disrespect yourself, other people will not respect you either. Self-confidence is the first step for great endeavors. And your partner will respect you more if you value yourself and your needs.

Dream of hypnotizing a stranger

This kind of dream symbolizes that you have a secret admirer. Someone around you loves you very much but does not dare to admit it. You may seem cold and uninterested. Look around you, it will be obvious to you who it is, and you will make the final decision on that issue.

To hypnotize many people

This dream symbolizes that you love attracting attention. You are always tidy, you wear expensive clothes, you drive a good car. You simply enjoy the feeling of admiration and envy. You are constantly working on yourself, physically, mentally and intellectually, but regardless of that, you are not happy in love.

Maybe, if you appreciated someone’s character more than physical appearance, the situation would change for the better. You do not have to always judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, there is a beautiful character behind the seemingly unattractive exterior.

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