Dreams about rocks – meaning and interpretation

Dreaming of a rock

Dreams about rocks are not so common, but they can certainly have a certain symbolism. To discover what your dream about rocks means, it is important to remember all the details you saw in the dream and to analyze the context of the dream itself. Namely, the symbolism of your dream about rocks will depend on whether you dreamed of seeing rocks, whether you threw rocks, or you carrying a bag of rocks, how you break rocks or maybe you dreamed how you or someone else turned into stone. Also, it is possible to dream of only one rock, two rocks, or many rocks on a pile.

These are all possible circumstances that you can see in your dream and each of these dreams is interpreted differently. In this text, you will be able to see something more about the symbolism that rocks can have in your dreams. It is only important that you keep in mind all the details from your dream, in order to interpret it as accurately as possible. If you like to interpret your dreams, we are sure that it will be interesting for you to discover the symbolism of dreams about stones.

14 interpretations of dreams about rocks

Dream about seeing rocks

If you dreamed that you only see rocks, then that is not a good sign. This dream may announce an unpleasant situation that you will find yourself in soon. It will most likely be an argument with your partner because you feel neglected. We recommend that you talk with your partner and tell them how you feel.

Dream of beating rocks

If you dreamed of beating rocks, then this dream has positive symbolism and means that you will soon receive some reward that you deserve. It will most likely be an accomplishment that you will achieve at work, so you will see that your hard work paid off. You will be very happy and satisfied, and praise will come from all sides. Your supervisor will most likely promote you and it is possible that you will receive a salary increase.

Dream about throwing rocks

Dream of throwing rocks is a sign that you will make a wrong assessment regarding a person you do not know well. You will most likely build an opinion about that person based on the first impression and appearance. Also, it is possible that that person has a bad reputation, so you will easily believe all those stories. However, when you get closer to that person you will realize that it was all just prejudice and that person is much different than you thought. Afterward, you will be sorry that you misjudged that person who will prove to be very valuable and of high quality. You could look at this as a lesson not to judge people before actually meeting them and listening to them.

However, another interpretation could be that you yourself are now accusing someone of doing the same things you did in your past. It would be wise to stop while you can before the truth comes out in the open.

Dream about processing stones

If you dreamed of working with rocks, then that dream announces prosperity and peace in your family in the coming period. The entire household will get along well, so there will be nothing to disturb your peace.

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Dreaming of breaking rocks

If you happen to dream of breaking rocks, then that dream has very bad symbolism and indicates a disease that can befall you personally or a person close to you. If you have had a dream like this, it would be best to go and check your health, to make sure that everything is fine. Also, look for some clues, regarding your family, that could point to an illness.

Dream about stacking rocks

Dreaming of stacking rocks has good symbolism and indicates that you will soon be stepping on a crazy stone. If you are in a stable relationship, that relationship will move to a higher level soon, and if you are alone, then you will meet a person with whom things will go pretty fast and for whom you will immediately know is the right person for you.

Dream about walking on rocks

If you dreamed of walking on rocks, then that dream does not have good symbolism. It points out that you will soon find yourself in a rather dangerous situation and that you will not know how to get out of it. If you really find yourself in a situation like that it would be best to ask your friends and family to help you out in resolving those problems.

Dreaming about a pile of rocks

If you dreamed of a pile of rocks, then this dream could be a sign that you will soon get married, or that you will attend someone’s wedding. All in all, there are a lot of beautiful and happy moments in front of you in the circle of family and closest friends.

Dream about a landslide

If you dreamed of a landslide, then that dream indicates great changes that will happen in your life in the near future. A lot will change and it will not be easy for you to get used to new life circumstances. Usually, this dream is a foretelling of things changing for the better.

Dreaming about two rocks

Dreams about two rocks could have different meanings, one is that someone will declare their love and appreciation for you which is usually a good thing. But the problem is whether you have any feelings for the person in question. 

Dream about rough and uneven stones

Sometimes it is very important to remember what the shape of the stone was and what its texture was. If you dreamed of stones that are rough and uneven, then that is a sign that you need to better explore your personality and develop your own identity. It’s possible you still haven’t decided what kind of a person you would like to be.

Dream about carrying a sack of rocks

If you dreamed of carrying a bag with stones, then that dream refers to your inner qualities and talents that you should show to others. Maybe you are having difficulties expressing yourself but people around you deserve to know you better than they already do.

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Dream about turning to stone

If you dream that you have turned to stone, then that dream means that you lack freedom and that you have the feeling that you cannot move from the point where you are. You feel like you are stuck in the mud and can’t move on with your life.

Dream of someone turning to stone

If you happen to dream of someone else turning to stone, then this dream suggests to you that time passes quickly and that you should make better use of every moment.

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