What does it mean to dream about rain?

Dreams of rain

The dreams about rain symbolize fertility, abundance, and progress. They could also signify renewal and spiritual purification. Rain also symbolizes the female principle. On the other hand, rain in a dream can be a symbol of sadness, disappointment, depression, difficulties, despair. It is possible that an unwanted situation has happened to you or that you have a big problem that has upset you. You are in a bad mood and you have the feeling that things are not going as you would like.

Such dreams could also indicate your tendency to withdraw and distance yourself from other people, which can all be a consequence of growing depression, feelings of inferiority, and psychological problems you have. If you are asleep in the open while it is raining, it indicates that you are indulging in your emotions. If you watch the rain through a window in a dream, it may indicate that you are suppressing your emotions.

A storm and rain that rages can indicate your repressed anger and rage that can be released, and it can also indicate some of the conflicts that lie ahead. Light rain or short-term showers indicate a temporary malaise or minor inconveniences that pass quickly.

23 interpretations of dreams about rain

Dreaming about rain

Such a dream symbolizes happiness and success in the coming period, and it is possible that a good business opportunity will present itself.

Dreaming of rain with thunder and lightning

The dream hints at unexpected circumstances and events, which can be pleasant or unpleasant. A turbulent period in your life is right around the corner. Such a dream can also be a sign of a recent beautiful, but short-lived love adventure.

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Dreaming of a downpour

A dream in which warm and pleasant rainfalls is a sign of success and fulfillment of wishes, as well as a happy period ahead.

Dreaming about unpleasant, sharp, cold raindrops

This kind of dream is a sign of misfortune and trouble and indicates that it is better to wait with some plans and start some work until a more favorable moment comes. Maybe you are planning on venturing into some new business, and this dream is a warning to maybe wait for a more stable period.

Dreaming about hiding from rain

Such dreams indicate that someone who envies you or someone unknown to you will prevent you from achieving some of your goals. Think carefully about who could it be and try to stay away from them.

Dream about being caught in a cold shower

This dream might indicate that you must not rely only on luck, but on your inner strength and follow the opportunities that are offered to you so that you can progress and succeed. It is possible you are currently on a lucky streak and think it will last forever.

Dream about a sudden, pleasant rain

This dream is a foretelling of some sudden circumstances that will open up many opportunities for you to progress and achieve your life goals. Use them wisely.

Dreaming of rain on a clear sunny day

Having this kind of dream usually symbolizes happiness and success.

Dreaming about rain on an ugly, cloudy day

Such a dream is a bad sign, it could indicate sadness and tears due to some bad circumstances that happened to you.

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Dream about heavy rain

This dream is a sign of good things coming into your life. A period of luck and good fortune is ahead of you, and be sure to use it the best you can.

Dreaming of light rain

The dream indicates that you are justifying yourself for some of your actions that harmed someone, even though you were not aware of it at the time. Now you are feeling regret and are unsure should you apologize to the person you hurt.

Dreaming of rain with a strong wind

This dream is telling you not to worry about insignificant things, because they can upset you for no reason. It is possible that you are in a period when you are trying to do a lot of things in a short time, and you are not aware of the stress that is causing you. This dream is a message to relax and calmly approach obligations before they overwhelm you and cause you to fall ill.

Dreaming about seeing cloudless rain

Dreaming about rain but without any clouds in the sky is usually a good sign and a foretelling of a period of happiness and success.

To dream of rain with a rainbow

This dream is a sign of happiness and good changes that follow.

Dreaming about being in a thunderstorm

This dream indicates frustration and dissatisfaction with the current circumstances in your life. It is also possible that it means financial losses if you are rich and if you do not have money, on additional income.

Dream about being dry in the rain

A dream like this is a good sign that your hopes for the future will come true and that you will achieve what you want without too much effort.

Dream that your hair is wet from the rain

This dream suggests having a good time with friends, so don’t refuse an invitation to a party, even if you don’t feel like it. A possible romantic relationship is right around the corner.

Dream about walking in the rain

This dream indicates that you rely too much on luck and random circumstances, as well as on your environment in achieving your goals, so it is difficult for you to cope in situations when you have to rely solely on your efforts to solve something. Try to be more independent and self-sufficient.

Dream about taking shelter from rain

A dream like this is a sign that you will meet someone who will help you solve some current problems.

Dreaming about cold raindrops

This dream is a warning for you to take care of your health, and perhaps the possible deterioration of your health. It would be a good idea to visit a doctor for a regular, yearly check-up.

Dreaming of dirty rain

The dream indicates that maybe people who don’t like you will try to slander your name and ruin your reputation behind your back. Think who could it be and try to prevent them before they do any serious damage.

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Dream about being completely wet in the rain

A dream like this is a sign of happiness in love, good love relationships, and emotional satisfaction. Indicates good agreement with the partner.

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