To dream of a parachute

To dream of parachuting

Our dream dictionary will help you understand the secret meaning behind dreams about a parachute. To understand this kind of dream, we must remember what we saw down to the smallest detail.

18 parachute dream interpretations

Dream of a parachute

Seeing a parachute in your dream symbolizes sadness. It is possible that you will come to the painful realization that you and your partner do not share the same goals and that you are wasting time with him/her in vain. It will be difficult for you to go through the painful phases that precede parting, but you will realize that it is best for you to remain consistent with your decision.

Dream of parachuting

If you jump with a parachute in a dream, it carries the meaning of good time. You will probably go somewhere with friends and have fun exploring new places and enjoying all the fun activities that come with it. Whether it is skiing, hiking, swimming, or other types of recreation, you will relax and forget about the obligations that await you.

Dreaming of someone else parachuting

When someone else parachutes in a dream, it implies that you are scared. You are a person who does not like to take risks and it can be said that you passively observe life around you. You admire the courage of other people and you would like to be like them, but fear and doubt hinder you at every step.

To dream that your parachute has not opened

If the parachute does not open in your dream, it warns of the disease. It is possible that you do not take care of yourself. If you add to that an unhealthy lifestyle, you will get a combination that could soon end up in the hospital or with serious consequences. In order to avoid this, you should be more active and watch what you eat.

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To dream that someone else’s parachute did not open

When someone else’s parachute did not open in your dream, it indicates that your conscience is haunting you. You probably think you could have done more for the person whose death or departure hurts you. You are sorry that you did not let them know how much they mean to you more often.

Dream of landing safely with a parachute

If you dreamed that you landed safely on the ground with a parachute, it is possible that you will successfully solve a problem or finish a job that brought you a lot of stress. You have probably been working on something for a long time and you have started to lose hope. However, you should work on your patience because the results will be better than you expected.

Dream that you bought a parachute

Dream symbolism behind buying a parachute is one of being guarded and not allowing people to approach you. It is possible that you have survived some painful experience in your past, so you built a wall around you to protect yourself and so that history would never repeat itself. This way of thinking and acting distances you from others, so you become more and more lonely. You have to stop believing that all people are bad and have bad intentions.

Dreaming of selling a parachute

Selling a parachute in your sleep may indicate that you will soon fall in love. You probably didn’t think it would happen to you in the near future, but you’re wrong. You will very quickly become close to someone who will win you over. You will enter this relationship without hesitation and you will not regret it.

Dream that you got a parachute

If you dreamt that someone gave you a parachute, it implies that you should not rush some big decisions or moves. You find yourself in a situation that confuses you and the worst thing you can do is make a haste decision. Give yourself time and think carefully about your next step.

To dream that you have given someone a parachute

To give someone a parachute in a dream means that you have a desire to protect the people you love, but that they do not want you to do so. They insist that they can handle the situation on their own, although you doubt it. No matter what you think, don’t impose your opinion on them because they could push you away even more.

A dream that you stole a parachute

Dream of stealing a parachute from a store indicates that you should not engage in risky business, no matter how tempting the promised earnings may sound. You are not the type of person who can deal with an unclean conscience, and besides, you do not have experience in such endeavors. You must not allow someone to persuade you to do something you might regret.

When you dream that you have stolen someone’s parachute, it implies that you are very ambitious. You are ready to endanger other people for the sake of your goal. It doesn’t matter how many bridges you demolish to get what you want. You may regret thinking like this in the future, so rethink your actions.

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A dream that someone stole your parachute

If you dreamed that someone stole your parachute, it means that you have a very cunning enemy. Someone will try to approach you in order to gain your trust. When you open your heart to them, they will not hesitate to execute their plans. That is why it is very important that you talk about your secrets, fears, ideas and plans only with people who proved to be good friends.

To dream that you have torn someone else’s parachute

Tearing someone else’s parachute in a dream indicates that you yearn to take revenge on someone you know. You have probably been insulted, hurt or deceived by someone and you will not have peace until you return the favor to them. However, you have allowed the desire for revenge to completely consume you, and distract you from making your life more enjoyable. Keep in mind that such negative emotions cannot produce anything good.

To dream that someone tore your parachute

When you dream that someone has torn your parachute, it implies that you will be a thorn in someone’s eye. It is possible that a colleague will want to make career progress at your expense. Another possibility is that they will blame you for their own mistakes. You will have to prove for a long time that you have nothing to do with it, and in the meantime, they will gain a better reputation and achieve their goal.

To dream that you have set fire to someone else’s parachute

Lighting someone else’s parachute on fire in your dream means that you are jealous of someone close to you. Probably your friend has what you dream of, a good job, healthy love life, or something else. Instead of them serving as an example that dreams can come true, you are poisoned by envy. If you put in a little more effort, you too could get what you want.

To dream that someone set fire to your parachute

If someone sets fire to your parachute in your dream, it means that you will enter into a heated argument with someone. The reason for that will be different opinions or views on certain topics. If you do not hold back, there is a possibility that the debate will turn into a big quarrel. So watch what you do and, more importantly, watch what you say.

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Dream that you dropped a parachute

Dropping a parachute in a dream indicates that you should think much more about your future. Your neighbors resent you for living in the moment, although you don’t see anything wrong with that. On the contrary, if you don’t think about what your life may bring in a few years, you could face big problems.

To dream that others are throwing a parachute

If there was someone throwing a parachute in your dream, it means that you are worried about the health or future of your loved one. Some of your relatives do not take care of themselves at all, and you are afraid that it could escalate later. Since it is most likely an adult member of your family, you cannot achieve much, except to give them advice.

The meaning of a dream about a parachute can also be much simpler. If you have recently seen or jumped with a parachute, it must have left an impression on you.

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