To dream of white

Dream of white

The color white, in our dreams, most often represents new beginnings, new consciousness, and acceptance. It is widely considered a symbol of purity, innocence, positivity, and peace. 

Dreams about the color white could represent the clarity of thought, having all your affairs in order. White clothes indicate clear and pure thoughts in regard to relationships and marriage. However, hospital robes could be a sign of some illness.

16 interpretations of dreams about things of white color

Dreaming about the color white (in general)

Having a dream just about the color white might represent that all the things you’re now going through, the good and the bad, are just a means to an end. Everything you’re doing right now will help in making you a better person in the future. You’re currently growing and advancing yourself in a very healthy way and if you keep doing what you’re doing you will be respected by others.

Dreaming of a white egg

Seeing a white egg in your dream is an excellent omen that a prosperous period is coming very soon. This dream is a sign that you will accomplish great things in a very short amount of time and that even you will be surprised by your own success.

Dream about white snow

Seeing blindingly white snow isn’t a good omen and could indicate some health problems. This dream could be a warning from your body or your subconscious to take a medical exam. 

Dream about white animals

Dreaming about white animals could be a reflection of your worries about your mental health and well-being. 

Dreams about white horses

White horses are a symbol of your desires and your sexuality and having them might mean you’re hiding or restraining your emotions. It would be wise to talk to your partner and try to express your feelings more clearly and more openly. 

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Dream about a white snake

A white snake in your dreams might be an indicator you’re about to receive some news that won’t affect you personally but will upset you nevertheless. 

Dream about a white rat

This dream is a warning that someone in your surroundings isn’t who they seem to be. Think hard about who could it be and try to stay away from that person. 

Dreaming about a white wolf

Seeing a white wolf in your dreams might indicate that something you believe in might not be true and you should reevaluate your opinion.

Dream about a white rabbit

White rabbits are usually a sign of dedication and trust. You’re surrounded by trustworthy people who are genuinely trying to help you. 

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Dreaming of a white cat

Similar to the black cat being a sign of bad luck, a white cat is also a bad omen that represents periods of confusion, doubt and misunderstandings. 

Dream about a white butterfly

This dream indicates a deterioration of your health. It’s possible you will have some health issues in your immediate future, but luckily everything will resolve itself.

Dream about a white bull

Seeing a white bull is usually and good sign and foretells a period of luck and prosperity. This dream might also indicate that you don’t care for the criticism of others when doing your assignments and that will bring you great success career-wise. 

Dreaming about a white bear

A white-colored bear, but not a polar bear, could be a warning that someone really close to you is trying to deceive you. However, if you just dream about white fur that means you will see the deception in time and walk out without any consequences.

Dream about white birds

Dreams about white birds are usually a good sign and might indicate that someone very dear to you is coming to visit after a long, long time. 

Dream about white flowers

This dream isn’t a good sign, it could represent some troubles in your personal life and possibly a break-up. An exception could be if an unmarried girl has this dream, then this could indicate an engagement or marriage. 

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Dream about white shoes

Seeing or wearing white shoes represents some new friendships and possibly that you’re moving somewhere far away. 

Dream about a white smoke

White smoke might be a message from your subconscious that you spend a lot of time thinking about some unachievable goals and a warning to start thinking more realistically. 

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