Dreaming about meat – meaning and interpretation

Dreams about meat

It is known that dreams about meat usually symbolize our strength and energy, or their lack of. Meat, in our dreams, can have both positive and negative symbolism. These kinds of dreams aren’t very common but could have some powerful messages that shouldn’t be ignored. 

12 interpretations of dreams about meat

Dream about eating meat

A dream about eating meat might point to you having a not-so-strong character, namely, you usually don’t fulfill your promises and are always looking for an easy way out. Continue to behave like this and it could bring you lots of unforeseen problems. 

Dream about seeing/ holding fresh meat

If you dreamt about holding or seeing fresh meat, then this dream could be a positive sign. It is possible that in the upcoming period you are going to get a substantial money influx, or possibly win a very valuable prize. 

Dream about eating fresh meat

Eating fresh meat, in your dreams, is, unfortunately, a bad sign. It could indicate that someone very close to you is about to get extremely ill, or perhaps even die. 

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Dream about someone else eating fresh meat

Dreaming about someone eating fresh meat is also a bad sign, the dream might indicate that the person you dreamt about is going to get some bad news. 

Dream about bloody meat

Bloody meat in dreams, a bloody steak for example, usually has positive symbolism. A dream like this usually points to some material or financial gain in the upcoming period.

Dream about cooked meat

Dreaming about cooked, already prepared meat is usually a positive sign. Namely, you can expect some happy and surprisingly pleasant things to happen to you. Over the next few months, you will be extremely happy and pleased with yourself.

Dream of eating cooked meat

A dream where you’re eating prepared meat points to your happiness and success. 

Dream of someone eating cooked meat

A dream where someone else is eating prepared meat is also a good and positive sign. The dream might foretell that the person in the dream is about to have a very prosperous period ahead. Also, you will be very happy for the person in question.

Dream about rotten meat

Rotten meat, in dreams, usually means financial loss. It is possible you will have some unexpected expenses in your immediate future. Another interpretation could be that things, simply, will not develop the way you wanted them to. It is also possible that someone very close to you will do something to disappoint you dearly. 

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Dream about buying meat

Buying meat, in your dreams, usually has a positive meaning. It is possible that very soon you’re about to receive a bonus at work or a very valuable prize. If you had such a dream it wouldn’t be the worst thing to try your luck with some games of chance. 

Dream about cooking meat

A dream where you’re cooking meat might represent the harmony and peace surrounding you in your private life and in your home. You have a very harmonious family and you should be very happy about it. 

Dream about frying meat

A dream where you saw yourself frying meat might have a negative meaning, it could indicate that some unexpected expenses are coming your way. If possible try to predict what those expenses could be, and try to prevent them before it is too late. 

If an athlete, by any chance, had a dream like this then it could indicate something positive. Most athletes are obsessed with their food regimen, and the dream might indicate that you’re on the right path with your nutrition.

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