To dream about an airplane

Dreaming about an airplane

What does it mean to dream about a plane?

Dream about airplanes could mean you’re about to overcome some obstacles in your life or maybe you’re about to rise to a new level of power or authority. Being in a plane means that you’re “flying high” and that might mean you have a broad understanding of the world. 

17 interpretations of dreams about airplanes

Dream about a plane flying

Dreams about flying most often represent broadening your horizon line or some newfound freedom. 

Dream about flying in a plane

Dream in which you were flying means that you’re in a small confined space you’re sharing with other people. These people are a reflection of all the people you meet on your life journey. 

Dream about being alone in a plane

Dream, where you were alone on a plane, might indicate you’re feeling alone at the top of the world. 

Being scared of flying

If you were scared, while you were on the plane, it might mean you’re scared of failing at something you’re currently doing. Don’t let that fear paralyze you and keep you from moving on. 

Dreaming about a plane crash

This dream might indicate you’ve set yourself some unattainable and unrealistic goals. Your emotions might depend on the place where the plane crashed. If the plane had fallen into the water it might represent regret and sadness. If the plane had exploded then that might represent anger and rage.

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An airplane crashing while taking off

This dream represents that you’ve set your goals too high and be careful that your dreams don’t collapse like the plane in your dream. 

Surviving a plane crash

Surviving the accident is a sign that you can survive everything life throws at you. 

Watching a plane crash

This dream could cause a sense of helplessness or sadness. Your subconscious mind is telling you there is a challenge in your immediate future that seems impossible to you. 

Dream about a plane burning

A dream like this might be telling you that a part of your plan is not working. It would be wise to stop and analyze what part might that be. 

Dreaming about boarding a plane

Dream about boarding could be a sign of a new beginning. 

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Dreaming about missing a flight

Missing a flight might represent you missing out on some big opportunity you had in your past. It could also represent a loss of balance between your everyday life and relationships with your close ones. 

A plane sitting on the runway

A plane just standing still might be a message from your unconscious mind that you’re obsessed with something you never managed to do. Could be a project you want to do, but you never have enough time or something is preventing you. 

Airplanes waiting to take off

Airplanes waiting could point to the fact that you have some sort of competition or that you have a rival at your workplace. Be careful that that person doesn’t take something that is rightfully yours. 

Dreaming about a plane landing

Dreaming about landing represents an end of a long journey you had. You worked hard and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Dream about a plane having difficulties landing

Landing is a difficult process, dreaming it with difficulties might represent that something you’ve been working on for a very long time and is almost done has run into some difficulties at the last minute. Be careful that you concentrate on every step of the way, you never know what can go wrong even with the most simple things.

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Dream about you being the pilot

Piloting the plane might be telling you that you feel in absolute control of your life. You’re completely sure of all of your decisions and all the goals you have set for yourself. If you’re piloting a plane full of people it might represent your leadership skills. 

Planes flying in a formation

This dream represents a group of people around you willing to be a part of a team. 

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