Dreaming about a witch

Dreaming of a witch

What does it mean to dream about a witch?

Dreams about witches often represent “magical powers” that can be used for good or bad purposes. Depending on your opinion witches could be positive or negative symbols. They can have the power of creation, but they can also be destructive forces.  

10 witch dream interpretations

Dreaming that you’re a witch

If you had a dream where you were a witch and doing witchcraft it’s important to remember what was the purpose. Try to remember what exactly were you doing. It’s possible you were doing it to help someone, to “enchant” them, however, it’s also possible you were trying to cast a spell on someone and you were doing it because of selfish reasons. A dream where you are witch could point to some sort of change that’s happening with you or some personal transformation. Perhaps you’re trying to change and become someone else. 

To dream about seeing a witch

Seeing a witch (or witches) in your dreams isn’t a good sign and usually represents some problems either at home or at your work. This dream might even represent some scandal about to happen to you who could ruin your reputation with your friends and family. 

Dream about being chased by a witch

This dream might be telling you that there is a very rude woman in your life with whom you can’t agree on anything and that you’re trying to avoid her. You’re feeling suffocated by this woman and can’t seem to be able to get rid of her. It’s possible she’s trying to make you do something you’re not comfortable with. 

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Dream about a witch giving you an apple

This dream is very unusual and rare. It is a warning that someone is trying to deceive you in some way. Most likely it’s a person who is pretending to be a friend, but actually, they are working for their own agenda and are ready to stab you in the back whenever it suits them. Think who might it be and watch your back.  

Dream about somebody you know being a witch

This dream is a sign you’re doubting someone’s intentions towards you. Your intuition is telling you there is something wrong with the person in question, but you can’t quite figure it out. Be careful around that person, and don’t reveal too much about yourself. 

Dreaming about a witch on a broom

A dream like this is a good foresign about you overcoming any obstacle in your way.

Dreaming about a witch in your house

If you saw a witch in your house and she was chasing you then that is a bad omen. It could point to a bad period in front of you. It’s possible you’re about to face sad bad periods on all fronts, and the only thing you can do is wait for it to blow over. It’s best not to get involved in financial ventures, it might go very badly. 

Dreaming about a costume of a witch

Seeing a costume of a witch could tell about your desire to manipulate other people and their actions. 

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Dreaming about a witch hunt

These kinds of dreams usually represent your doubts that somebody is trying to sabotage you. You don’t actually have any proof of that it’s just a feeling. Maybe you’re just being paranoid, try to observe the people around you more carefully and you’ll see that most of them are not trying to get you, nor do they have any bad intentions towards you. 

A witch talking to you

If in your dream, you talked to a witch it’s important to remember what were you talking about. If you can’t remember the conversation it might help if you remember her behavior, was she happy or angry? If she was talking but you couldn’t understand her, the dream might be telling you that you’re about to hear some shocking news. 

Witch definition by Cambridge Dictionary:

a woman who is believed to have magical powers and who uses them to harm or help other people.

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