What does it mean to dream about a bus?

Dream of a bus

A bus in your dreams, like other transportation means, most often symbolizes the way your life is going right now. Depending on whether the bus is moving or is standing still, is it going slow or fast, it can be interpreted in different ways. 

Dreaming about a bus ride could also be a consequence of your everyday bus rides and the amount of time spent in one. If the route, in your dream, is different than the one you take in your waking life it could be a sign that it’s time to change something about your life. 

16 interpretations of dreams about a bus

Dreaming about driving on a bus

This dream could mean that you approach life without giving it a lot of thought; you’re just going with the flow. It’s possible you’re a follower and not a leader. 

A dream like this could also refer to your dissatisfaction with how you’re treated at work. You feel you’re underappreciated and others get a lot more credit even though you’re a better worker than they are. 

A bus ride could also symbolize inferiority and a sense of shame because most often we ride the bus because it’s cheaper and not because we want to. It’s possible you feel limited with your financial status and you’re just biding your time before improving your life status permanently.

Dreaming about driving a bus

A dream like this refers to your leadership role in your waking life. If you felt comfortable when waking up then it means you’re enjoying your role and others do so as well. 

Dream about missing a bus

This dream might represent you not being ready for some upcoming change. Maybe you missed a great opportunity because you were too afraid to take risks. 

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Paying for a bus ticket

Paying for a ticket could mean you’re currently paying for some mistakes you made in your past. 

Dream about getting on the wrong bus

This dream represents some bad choices you made in your life or a fear of making the wrong choice. It’s possible someone is expecting you to make some important decision and you’re scared you will make the wrong one. 

Another interpretation of this dream could be that at some point in your life you took some bad advice and now that decision has come to haunt you. 

Dreaming about waiting for a bus

Waiting for the bus in a dream could mean that a part of your life is stagnating and you’re waiting for something to happen. 

Not knowing where the bus is going

This dream is a symbol of your indecisiveness about which road to take in accomplishing your goals. It would be wise to ask for help from someone who has already went through a similar situation.

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Dream about two busses colliding

This dream symbolizes you blaming others for your failures and misfortunes. 

Sitting beside someone annoying

A dream like this is usually a representation of dissatisfaction with your work life. It’s possible that some of your colleagues are advancing faster than you are and maybe it’s time to think about a career in some other line of work.

Dream about singing on a bus

This dream is a sign you’re done with being passive in your life and that you’re ready to take on more risks and chances in creating your future. 

Dream about driving on a dirty bus

An unclean environment might indicate that you’re feeling that your current job is humiliating and not suited for you, but currently, you don’t see a way to make some progress in your career. 

Dream about being on a bus naked

This dream is a representation of you feeling vulnerable and exposed to your surroundings. It’s also possible that this dream symbolizes some dysfunction in your work environment.  

Dream about making love on a bus

A dream like this might mean you’re using your physical attributes to advance in your career and other people have started noticing that and find it distasteful. 

Dream about being invisible on a bus

Sometimes this dream could be a representation of your actual feeling of being ignored or not noticed. You feel like your opinion isn’t valued as much as the opinion of others. 

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Dream about driving a bus

This dream is a representation of you being completely in control of your life and that all your projects are going according to plan. 

Dream about riding on a luxury bus

Dreams like this might mean you know some powerful people who will help you achieve your goals very easily. 

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