To dream about a cat – meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about cats

What does it mean to dream about cats?

Dreaming of a cat usually comes down to how you look at the animal itself, some people love them while others are repulsed. So, as with most interpretations, it can be positive or negative. Cats are most often connected to features used to describe women – vulnerability and intuition. 

11 interpretations of dreams about cats

Dreaming of a cat chasing a mouse

A dream such as this indicates that there are other people interfering in your personal life. You feel as they have too much influence over you, and you want it to stop. You simply want to chase them away and live an independent life. If you dreamt of a cat and a mouse who were friendly, or the cat wasn’t paying attention to the mouse it represents that although you’re bothered by other people interfering you’re still not ready to do anything about it. 

Dreaming of multiple cats

If multiple cats appear in your dream it could mean you’re confused with some aspect or part of your life. Different cats in your dreams represent some sort of chaos in your life, which can be overwhelming and give you anxiety. If you feel like you’re under a lot of stress, this could be a way your subconscious mind is trying to help not to go too far. 

Cat jumping on top of you

Cats usually represent our feminine side, so dreaming of a hostile cat could mean that you don’t like that part of yourself. Maybe you’re feeling vulnerable or not vulnerable enough. You could be feeling you’re not capable of connecting with your intuition, sexuality, or creativity. If a cat scratches you in a dream it could mean that you’re in some way scared or even terrified of your feminine side. 

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Dreaming of a dead cat

Since a cat symbolizes your intuition, this probably means you’re unable to connect with a part of yourself. Dreaming of a cat is a bad omen because the health of the cat in your dream is connected to your femininity. Besides that, a sick or a dead cat can represent a lack of independence in your life, which isn’t surprising considering you’re unable to connect to your intuition and that makes you more reliable on other people. Being dependent on someone can sometimes make you vulnerable. 

Dreaming of a black cat

As most people already know a black cat is usually linked with bad luck or a foresign of bad things to come. Because of this belief, a lot of people try to avoid black cats completely. 

Dreaming of a gray cat

Gray is a neutral color, and therefore dreams involving gray cats do not have a lot of meaning. You should probably try and focus on other parts of your dream and try to analyze what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

Seeing an aggressive cat

Such a dream probably shows you that there is a lot of people who are taking too much from you. If you dream about a cat that’s biting you it could be connected to a feeling of being somehow trapped. If a cat is gently scratching you, you should be more careful about what’s happening with your closest family. 

Seeing a cat and kittens

Cats are often connected to virtues like independence and self-preservation, but seeing a helpless kitten in a tree i.e. could represent you feeling helpless during tough times. 

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Dreams of a talking cat

To dream of a talking cat could be a warning of upcoming financial and romantic problems. Dreaming of a cat talking with a soothing voice represents the duplicity of people around you, pretending to be friends but actually are looking to use you for their benefit. A soothing voice means that you’re surrounded by unreliable people.

Dreaming of your own cat talking like a human means there is a person in your life using you for their own selfish interests. Analyze who could it be and better keep your distance. 

Dreaming of a sick cat

A sick cat could mean an imbalance between your intuition and your intellect. This could be troubling because you’re basing your decisions on what seems more logical even though your gut is telling you that something is off. 

Seeing a cat and a snake

A dream like this means there is an internal conflict within you. The cat represents confidence and independence, and the snake represents treachery and betrayal. 

Cat definition according to Merriam-Webster:

a carnivorous mammal (Felis catus) long domesticated as a pet and for catching rats and mice.

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