To dream about a phone

Dream about a phone

What does it mean to dream about a phone?

A vast majority of people use a phone on a daily basis, whether it’s a landline or a cell phone, so dreams about a phone are very common and have different meanings. To properly interpret the dream about a phone it’s very important to remember as many details as you can about the dream. 

10 interpretations of dreams about a phone

Dream about seeing a phone

Having a dream where you saw a phone might indicate you’re about to hear some news that won’t affect or interest you that much. Maybe you’re expecting to hear something or are waiting for someone to call about something important to you, but in the end, you will not get the desired news. 

Dream about calling someone with a phone

A dream where you were calling someone could foretell some upcoming worries or troubles that involve you or one of your close ones. Most likely, you’re annoyed with how someone in your immediate surroundings is behaving and you’re unable to reach them and explain to them they are behaving inappropriately. You would like nothing more than for that person to change their attitude. You’re also worried that their behavior might get them in all sorts of trouble, possibly even danger.

Dream about someone calling you

If you were getting a call from someone then the dream is telling you that you’re about to hear some very important news about someone you care about, like your partner or a family member. It’s likely that the news won’t be positive or flattering but you will have to find a way to tell the news to them without making them angry or possibly hurting their feelings.

Dream about now answering your phone

Dreaming about not answering your phone might be a sign you’re an introverted person who doesn’t have a lot of friends and prefers to keep to himself. You’re having problems with making new acquaintances and fitting into groups. 

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Dream about a broken phone

Dreaming about a broken phone might be a reflection of your fears of not being able to express your feelings towards someone you like. You’re scared you won’t get the chance to tell them how you feel about them. 

Another interpretation is that you’re feeling scared that someone is trying to ruin your relationship with your partner. The best thing would be to be completely honest with your partner before your fears turn into paranoia and you chase them away yourself. 

Dream about a phone ringing constantly

A dream where your phone was ringing could indicate that there is someone in your life that has some romantic feelings towards you. The constant ringing could be interpreted as annoying and you not having any romantic interest in that person. 

Dream about a phone call

Dreaming about a phone call is usually a good and positive sign that you’re a friendly person who likes to spend time with other people and engage in meaningful conversations. You’re especially fond of giving people good news and are genuinely happy for them. 

However, another interpretation of the dream could be that you’re a lonely person and miss having proper conversations with people. Maybe you’re going through a period where you don’t have much time for other people, and you just miss the company. 

Dream about seeing a cell phone

Dreaming about a cell phone might foretell that vacation time is over and you have some things that need to be handled urgently. 

Dream about talking on a cell phone

Talking on a cell phone might be a sign you’re in a long-distance relationship with someone whom you miss very much. Maybe your partner had to move for some reason to a different city, but that’s not a reason to worry because soon you will be together again. 

Dream about throwing a cell phone away

Throwing a cell phone away is a good sign that foretells you falling in love and dedicating yourself only to that person from now on. You are ready to let everything behind you and start your life with that person. 

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