Dreams about your partner – meaning

Dreaming about your partner or a spouse is a common occurrence and these dreams can be interpreted in different ways. It is important to remember the situation in which you dreamed about your partner but also other details that you saw in a dream. Dreaming of a loved one represents happiness and comfort. Eating with a loved one in a dream can mean that you will have a short trip even if you did not plan on it. Dreaming of making love to your partner can mean that your relationship will be more exciting and that many people will envy your happiness. To find out the meaning behind your dream about your partner or spouse, check out the dream dictionary below.

19 Interpretation of dreams about your partner, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend

To dream about your partner

If in a dream you see your partner, a man you like or a woman you like, it means that love has been reciprocated. You probably get along great with your partner and would like to spend as much time together as possible. You trust them and you can tell them every problem because you know they will give you the best possible advice. For those who are without a partner, this means that you should try to admit your feelings to your loved one because you have nothing to lose.

To dream of talking to your partner

If in a dream you are talking to your spouse or a partner, i.e. a person you are in love with, it symbolizes understanding. It is possible that you will be supported by a person whose support you did not expect. You will learn from this experience so you will no longer judge other people so fast.

To dream of arguing with your partner

When you argue with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend in a dream it means stubbornness. Probably neither of you wants to give in nor wants to admit that you were wrong. You would like to reconcile with your partner and forget about nonsense but pride does not allow you to apologize.

To dream of quarreling with your partner

If you are quarreling with your partner in a dream it is possible that you are burdened by a situation that you have not fully understood. It is possible that you are creating problems in the relationship because you are not completely honest or do not have enough understanding for your partner. Your lack of trust can contribute to creating a growing gap between you and your partner.

To dream of hugging your partner

This dream means that you have happy and carefree moments ahead of you. It doesn’t have to be with the person you love, it can be with close friends or family.

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To dream of making love to your partner

If you make love to your partner or a spouse in a dream, it indicates that pleasant moments are coming. Your partner might organize a romantic dinner and prepare many surprises for you. You will experiment in sex, after which you will get to know each other better and become closer.

Dreaming of breaking up with your partner

When you break up with your partner in a dream, it implies that you will remain vague when interacting without your friends, family and your partner. It is possible that you will not tell your partner, associate or friend everything you have planned. In the future, you will be sorry for that, because you will wonder if what you kept silent about would change something between you.

To dream of reconciling with your partner

To dream of reconciling with a loved one means that you have done something wrong so you need your partner’s forgiveness. Although you want reconciliation, you are aware that you are expected to correct mistakes and make a decision not to repeat them again. Only then will your partner see that you are serious and start trusting you again.

To dream of cheating on your partner

If you dream of cheating on your partner it is possible that you have thought about it in waking life. If a person has appeared in your life that you are not indifferent to and you spend time with, it is possible that you will consider risking everything you have. Your desires clash with reality and the fear that you may hurt the people you care about.

To dream that your partner cheated on you

If you dreamed that your partner cheated on you, you may be subconsciously thinking about it happening in the waking life. You may not be completely sure of your partner so even in your sleep you are burdened by his or her cheating. Every move they make, you analyze and look for evidence to confirm your suspicions.

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To dream that your partner has feelings for you

If you were not sure if your partner felt the same way about you as you did about them, you will finally be able to relax and enjoy your relationship or marriage. 

To dream of dancing with a loved one

Dancing with a loved one in a dream means that your life is missing more romantic moments. You are probably no longer expressing love or paying enough attention to each other. If you get moving, maybe he or she will show more initiative. If that doesn’t happen, you know what to do.

To dream that your partner admitted that they no longer love you

Although this kind of dream is quite difficult and painful, it has no negative meaning. It is possible that it carries the message that you will solve a problem you have with a loved one. It is likely that some common doubts will finally get resolved and you will enter a calmer phase of your life.

To dream that you admitted to your partner that you no longer love him/her

If you told your spouse or partner in a dream that you no longer love him/her, this implies that you need to reconsider your feelings. 

To dream that your partner has stolen from you

When you dream that your partner has stolen you, it means that someone else could get your attention. It doesn’t have to mean that you will fall in love, but you will enjoy being in his or her company. It is possible that having someone else show interest in you will boost your confidence but you must not allow yourself to give in to temptation.

To dream that you have stolen from your partner

If you have dreamed of stealing from your partner, it is possible that you are hiding something from him/her and you are not happy about it. You are a person who has no secrets from your loved ones, however, you are aware that the truth could hurt your partner so keep quiet. 

To dream that you hit your partner

Hitting your partner in a dream means that you resent him or her in waking life but you still haven’t admitted it. Silence will accomplish nothing, so if the problem can be solved, don’t procrastinate. After all, it is your happiness and peace that are at stake.

To dream that your partner hit you

If you dreamed that your partner hit you, it is possible that they hurt you by saying something you did not like. They probably joked about you and you got it completely wrong. Stop being angry about every little thing because it only harms you and no one else.

To dream that you injured your partner

If you dreamed that you injured your partner, it implies that communication problems could escalate and lead to a breakup. It is possible that you have different views on what kind of future you want and neither of you wants to compromise. If you do not change, divorce is inevitable.

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