Dream about a Pigeon – meaning and interpretation

What does the dream about a pigeon mean? Pigeons are a symbol of harmony and peace, but also of the people of pleasant and calm character. They are also a symbol of freedom of speech. A pigeon in a dream is generally a good sign, but all the details of the dream and the feelings of the dreamer caused by the dream should be taken into account for the interpretation of the dream. The interpretation of a dream also depends on the attitude of the person who dreamed the dream towards the bird. So, if you killed a pigeon in a dream, the dream may indicate that you do not like someone and maybe they make you insecure.

Pigeons are also associated with happiness, enjoyment and wealth. If a pigeon was sitting on your terrace or window, the dream may indicate that the luck will be on your side and that money will start arriving soon. The dove is a symbol of freedom and the dream in which you saw it can announce changes in your personal relationships. If you see white doves in a dream, it symbolizes love. You and your partner are probably similar to pigeons who, despite the time passed, love each other just as much as they did at the beginning of the relationship. Time has only improved the quality of your relationship and made you even closer. Many people list you as the perfect couple and ask you what your recipe for happiness is. Check out the dream dictionary below to find out what details of your dream mean. 

14 interpretations of dreams about pigeons

To see pigeons on the roof in a dream

When you dream of pigeons on the roof, it indicates that you will hear pleasant news. It is possible that you like a person who has not yet expressed their feelings towards you. You will try to let him/her know what you want and his/her reaction will be exactly what you wanted.

To dream of pigeons flying

To dream of pigeons flying implies that you will experience joy. This is especially true for you if you have children. You will do everything to make them independent and their own people who are used to working and fighting for themselves from an early age. Therefor you will not prevent them from living with their roommates and traveling the world as long as it does not harm their education. You will be one of the few parents who will prepare their children for life, for which they will be grateful.

To dream of killing a pigeon

If you kill a pigeon in a dream, it means an argument with a friend. You will hurt the person who has always been with you because of someone who did not deserve it. When you realize what you have done, it will be too late to react. You will learn the hard way that you must not take anyone for granted because it can be a sure recipe for losing those who really care about you.

To dream of eating pigeons

To dream of eating a pigeon symbolizes anger in the family. It is possible that you often argue with your parents, blaming them for things they did not provide you with or that they did wrong. You blame them for your failures and say that you will never raise your children that way. You always forget that they gave you all they could, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you.

To see pigeons kissing in a dream

If you see pigeons kissing in a dream, it implies that your love relationships are short. You do everything that makes you happy. According to that principle, you also function in relationships that last as long as you feel comfortable in them. You are sorry when you hurt someone, but you prefer your freedom and try to preserve it.

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To dream of releasing pigeons

When you let the pigeons fly out of your hand in your dream, it indicates that you will temporarily part with your loved one. You will probably decide to sacrifice your relationship in order for your partner to make their dreams come true. Although it will be difficult for you, you will not want to be blamed by them in the future for not achieving the success that was within their reach.

To dream of catching pigeons

To dream of catching pigeons means that you are unreasonably shy. Despite your knowledge and abilities, you prefer to stay in the shadows without trying to impose yourself on people who would be able to reward you the way you deserve. Also, you behave similarly in love, so you show interest only to people who clearly let you know that they want to be with you. It can be said that you rarely take risks and prefer to play it safe.

To dream that others are catching pigeons

A dream in which you see someone catching pigeons implies that you have a secret admirer. There is a person in your environment who likes you a lot, but is afraid to admit it to you. The situation is further complicated by the fact that you or he/she has a partner. Thus, each subsequent step implies a great risk. You will eventually notice who it is. It is up to you to decide what to do about it.

To dream that others are killing pigeons

If you dream that someone is killing pigeons, it is possible that you will be forced to arbitrate in a dispute between two people who are equally dear to you. It will be painful for you to be put in such an awkward position, but you will use diplomatic skills to express your opinion without hurting anyone.

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To dream of holding a pigeon in your hand

If you hold a pigeon in your hand in a dream, it indicates your desire to do creative work that makes other people happy. You have many talents, but not the opportunity to show them to others. You are probably doing something that does not require imagination, so you compensate for that by doing a hobby that you enjoy. If you dedicate more free time to hobbies, they may become a regular source of income in the future.

To dream of others holding a dove in their hand

When you dream that someone else is holding a pigeon or a dove in their hand, it implies that you will experience beautiful moments with your loved one. Maybe you will go on a romantic dinner or a trip you have been dreaming about for a long time. This will bring you even closer, so you will be absolutely sure that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If you are currently single, chances are high that you will fall in love soon.

To dream of feeding pigeons

Feeding pigeons in a dream is a warning to be careful who you trust. You have someone next to you who could exaggerate your words, and thus harm you.

To dream that others are feeding pigeons

When you dream that others are feeding pigeons, it indicates business success. Your effort and work will finally start to pay off.

To dream of a pigeon falling

If you see a pigeon falling in a dream, it symbolizes bad news. You may have to postpone a trip or celebration for objective reasons. There will be some things that will not be your priority. It is important to stay positive and not allow stress to negatively affect your health.

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