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The lover is a powerful dream symbol and the exact meaning of this dream symbol largely depends on your life experiences, especially your regarding love. This dream symbolizes relationships and life choices. This, of course, may indicate a real lover in your life or suggest that you will soon have a lover in your life. Dreams about a lover/mistresses can also represent useful opportunities and a chance to make important decisions in your life. Be on the lookout for new opportunities. The exact meaning of this dream will depend on the other symbols, people and feelings that surround it in your dream.

16 Interpretation of dreams about a lover

To dream of yourself as a lover

If you are a lover in a dream, it implies that you are too confident. By nature, you are very happy and try to be on good terms with everyone regardless of their gender. Many consider your behavior too pushy and don’t really understand that you have no ill intentions.

To dream that you have a lover

To dream that you have a lover indicates that you are playing a dangerous game. You look at life as a game in which you try to get all rewards. It often happens that you are calculated in love, friendship or work, not caring about the people you hurt and leave behind.

To dream that you are arguing with your lover

If you argue with your lover in a dream, it implies that everything you’re hiding will be found out. If, in addition to the official relationship or marriage, you also have a person with whom you go out occasionally, that affair will no longer be a secret. Although you have clearly set boundaries, he or she will be much more attached to you than you wanted and when you explain to him or her that you only want a love affair, this person will make a scene and everyone will find out what you’ve been up to.

To dream that you have met your lover

When you meet your lover in a dream it indicates that you will fall in love again. This is probably the person you have been in a relationship with before and you will find yourself still thinking about him or her. You will even dare to invite this person for a drink to find out whether your feelings are real or you are just nostalgic for the past.

To dream that you have changed your lover

Dreaming that you have changed your lover warns you to beware of false promises. It is possible that you will get a new business or love offer that will attract your attention but it will be too good to be true. Although you will be faced with a great temptation you will learn to say “no”.

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To dream that you have lost a lover

If you lose a lover in a dream, it means that there is something better waiting for you. You are a person who prioritizes reason and does not allow feelings to guide you. You have a goal that you stick to and you do not plan to deviate from it. You do not despair, instead, you extract positive things from every unfavorable situation and turn them to your advantage.

To dream of spending the night with a lover

Dreaming of spending the night with a lover indicates that your wish will come true. You are very passionate and think that sex is very important in any relationship. You spend a lot of time working on your body and choosing clothes that leave your partner speechless. You like to flirt and experiment which makes your intimate moments unforgettable.

To dream that your partner has found out that you have a lover

This kind of dream means that you don’t have a clear conscience because you are hurting someone who loves you. If you no longer have any feelings towards your partner you should probably end your relationship or marriage. What you are doing to him or her at the moment is not something they deserve to go through.

To dream that your partner has a lover

If you find out in a dream that your partner has a lover, it implies that you doubt him or her. You’ve probably been checking his or her every step lately because suspicion has crept into your head. It’s time to talk honestly with your loved one about what’s bothering you.

To dream that you have left a lover

Breaking up with a lover in a dream indicates that you will finally get serious and work on your relationship with your partner and that you will stop looking for happiness in another person. You have gone through both good and bad with your partner, and you will finally understand what you want and with whom you feel the happiest.

To dream that your lover has left you

If you dreamed that your lover left you, it means that mistakes from the past will bear fruit. You will realize that everything in life comes back and that you should have thought about it before. Now you will have to reap what you sow.

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To dream that you have left your partner for a lover

When you dream that you have left your current partner for the sake of another person you are secretly seeing, it implies that you are aware that you are doing something wrong but you do not have the courage and strength to stop it. This is the last chance to figure out who you want to be with. Your decision will surely break someone’s heart but you should have thought about it much earlier.

To dream of walking with a lover

If you dreamed of walking around the city in the arms of a lover it means that you have had enough of hiding but that you do not want to reveal this relationship because you know that it will hurt other people.

To dream that you are traveling with a lover

Traveling with a lover in a dream indicates that you will leave your problems in the past. You will finally start thinking about the future and you will no longer look back at what bothered you so far. You are more mature and smarter and you will solve any troubles that come your way much easier and simpler.

To dream of marrying your lover/mistress

According to the dream dictionary, this dream clearly shows that your secret relationship has grown into something more. Deeper feelings developed during casual hangouts. You secretly think about what your future together might look like. In order to consider such a thing at all, you must first leave your current partner which will not be easy.

To dream of fighting with your lover

Fighting with a lover in a dream indicates that you love him/her more than you want to admit to yourself. Since your relationship is unofficial and he or she is not your first choice, you are aware that you should not cultivate stronger feelings. If you don’t want to make yourself suffer, you’ll have to end the affair.

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