Dreaming of obese people

Dream of fat overweight people

If you dream that someone is obese/ overweight, it means that you will meet someone mysterious who will intrigue you. You will try to reach out, to get to know him / her better, but you will not succeed. As a result, your curiosity will grow day by day, and it is possible that you will fall in love with him/her over time.

9 interpretations of obese people in your dreams

Dreaming of an obese man

If you see an obese/ overweight man in a dream, it means that you are lazy. It often happens that you do not fulfill your obligations on time and expect others to do your job. Such behavior can bring you into a conflict with colleagues and family members who will equate your forgetfulness with rudeness and will have no understanding when you are actually prevented from doing what they have entrusted to you.

Dreaming of an obese woman

When you dream of an obese/ overweight woman, it indicates that your neighbors are gossiping about you. It is possible that they are curious because you do not want to reveal details from your life, and you’re not interested in spreading gossip about others. Due to the lack of their own life and information that would help them form an opinion about you, they will be convinced that you are hiding something and that you are avoiding hanging out with them.

Dreaming of an obese child

Dreaming of an obese child implies that you´ll have many children. They will be your greatest treasure and everything you do will be intended of providing them with everything that they need for a beautiful and secure future. You won’t stop at with one or two children, you will try to have a large family.

Being overweight in your dream

If you are obese in your sleep, it is a warning that you should pay more attention to your health. Probably your job requires you to sit for eight or more hours a day, which has a bad effect on your looks and your spine. You should take the time to exercise and prepare healthy food because you will feel better and have fewer problems as you get older.

Interpretation depends on the feeling that being overweight caused.

If you dream that you are happy to be obese, it implies that you lack self-control. You invest your best in everything you do. It’s a great trait, but it is also transmitted to other segments of your personality. That’s why you often do things that aren’t good for you. You may be eating unhealthy foods or allowing vices to ruin your health. Still, you don’t regret it because it’s the kind of hedonism you enjoy.

If you are unhappy in your sleep due to being overweight, it means that you feel helpless about a certain problem. It is possible that you have burdened yourself with obligations that you cannot complete on your own. Seek the help of your loved ones, they will not refuse to help you out.

Dreaming of talking to an overweight person

If you are talking to an obese person in a dream, the subconscious is warning you that you should accept well-intentioned advice. Someone will point out the mistakes you are making so you can start correcting them. At first, you will think this is an unnecessary interference in your life, but if you think about it better, you will see that he is right.

A dream in which someone else is talking to an overweight person is an indicator of your insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Maybe some of your failures have disturbed you to such an extent that it is difficult for you to decide on the next step when it comes to your life or career. Try to overcome that by gaining self-confidence or write down your strengths and weaknesses on a piece of paper. You will see that the first column is larger than the second.

To dream of arguing with an obese person

When you argue with an obese person in a dream, it symbolizes mental isolation. It is possible you are trying to protect yourself from negative situations and people by setting up barriers. You find it difficult to make new friendships because you have put a wall in front of you that not a lot of people can jump over. By doing so, you miss the opportunity to meet new people from whom you could learn a lot.

If you dream that someone else is arguing with an obese person, it means that you are carrying some emotional burden. Maybe you are hiding your feelings for someone, whether they are good or bad. It’s time to throw away that unnecessary luggage and start breathing freely.

To dream of fighting an obese person

If you fight with an obese person in your sleep, it is possible that you have a guilty conscience because you were selfish or self-centered. You must have behaved inappropriately towards someone and insulted them with something you did or said. It was not your intention, but you are used to putting yourself first. If you don´t want this to happen to you, try to change your attitude towards people.

The dream in which you see someone else fighting with an obese person is a reflection of your attitude towards people who are overweight. Sometimes you may wonder how a man allows himself to get obese. You don’t have a lot of understanding and you don’t see the problem with obesity as a disorder, but a lack of self-control.

To dream of hiding from an overweight person

This kind of dream can have several meanings.

One of them is that you know a person who is overweight and that you are worried about his / her health. You must have tried to help him/her, but you can’t reach him/her. You have to come to terms with the fact that you lack experience because you’ve never found yourself in such a situation. However, show him/her that he/she has your support.

If someone else is hiding from an overweight person in your dream, it means that you will face injustice or discrimination. It is possible that you´ll be deciding someone’s fate with a group of people. They will make a decision that is unfavorable to him/her, and your vote will not be able to influence it. So, you will look for a way to help him/her.

To dream that you have killed an obese person

When you dream that you have killed an obese person, it indicates the need to get rid of some burden that you are carrying for a long time. You may have taken on a lot of responsibility and are afraid you can’t handle it. Try to talk to someone about it. Don’t hesitate to seek help from family, friends or co-workers.

The meaning of a dream can be simpler. If you have ever been obese or are trying to lose some weight, it has certainly left an impression on you.

Definition of obese according to MedicineNet:

Well above one’s normal weight. A person has traditionally been considered to be obese if they are more than 20% over their ideal weight

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