Dreaming of a piano – dream meaning

Dreaming about piano

Dreaming a piano most often represents some sort of mastery or skill, but also control during some surprising and stressful events. It could possibly mean that soon you will find yourself in a situation where you will be required to hold on to your composure, no matter what the situation is. 

12 piano dream interpretations

Dreaming of playing the piano

If you ever dream this, that means that you’re on a quest to bring harmony and peace to your life. Think about where you were while playing the piano, for example, if you were at work while playing, that means you need to fix your work environment(arguments with co-workers, boss, etc).

Dreaming of practicing your piano skills

Dreams about practicing on the piano most often refer to that you’re trying to perfect your problem-solving skills. You will probably need to focus on your mind, as well as on your body to truly master the skill. 

Dreaming of singing and playing the piano

This dream tells us that you’re on the verge of very important events in your life. You’ll be able to, metaphorically speaking, pick a song and sing it, meaning a time is coming where other people will be interested in all of your thoughts and ideas. Something you’ve been waiting for for a very long time. 

Dreaming of buying a piano

Dreams of buying a piano indicate a great investment in your work or in your education. Most likely that it is concerning money, but it could also mean it is a great amount of time and effort you’re investing in perfecting a specific skill. 

Dreaming of hearing piano music

When dreaming of hearing music, it is usually interpreted in accordance with what was the music like, what feelings did it bring out, and how it sounded in general. If the music was comfortable and rhythmic, that means that you’re satisfied with your life. However, if the music was chaotic and off-beat, or even irritating, that speaks about your displeasure with your surroundings and your work. 

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Dreaming piano tiles

A dream in which the emphasis was on the tiles points to a certain flow of things and completing your tasks at work. There are certain steps that you must perform well for the outcome to be perfect. These kinds of dreams remind us of the importance of preparation and following the steps. 

Dreaming of a broken piano

If you saw a broken piano in your dream, pay attention to which parts of the piano are broken, and think about what their function is then apply it to your life. Broken pieces of course mean that those parts are no longer working, so think what parts of your life aren’t functioning like they are supposed to. 

Dreaming of a soundless piano

Dream about a piano that doesn’t produce sound indicates that you are lacking confidence when expressing your opinion; or whenever you are trying to speak or express yourself there are people who try to silence you or are simply not listening to you. 

Dreaming a discordant piano

Dreams about such pianos generally represent chaos and conflicts in your life. While some aspects of your life are fine, there are those who are not how they’re supposed to be. Think very carefully about what those aspects are, and try to get them “tuned”. 

Dreaming of a concert piano

Huge, concert piano represents a big and very important romantic event in your immediate future. That sort of event will be very special for you and will cause strong emotions. 

Dreaming of a white piano

To dream of a white piano refers to your flawless reputation as a person, a friend, brother, sister, etc. You feel that you’re a good person, and you feel that everyone in your surroundings feels the same. 

Dreaming of an old, antique piano

An old piano is usually a sign of possible difficulties that await you. That could be problems that can only be solved with wisdom and experience. If you’re young and inexperienced it would be smart to speak to someone wiser in your surrounding, only like that will you be able to solve your problems. 

Definition of piano according to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

a musical instrument having steel wire strings that sound when struck by felt-covered hammers operated from a keyboard.

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