The meaning of dreams about fish

Dreams of fish

The dream in which you saw a fish may be the message of your subconscious about yourself that you were not aware of. Maybe the dream indicates emotional problems or negative emotions that you have, but you do not deal with them. It is possible that you are aware that you have a problem, but you do not understand its origin, and it is possible that you know the reasons for the problem, but simply refuse to solve them.

The size of the fish in the dream indicates the size and significance of the problem. In our free dream dictionary, we offer you the most common meanings of dreams about fish.

22 interpretations of dreams about fish

Dreaming of a fish

A fish in a dream can be a sign of a journey by sea. Dead fish in a dream represents things or problems that no longer interest you or no longer exist, and can also indicate disappointments, obstacles, and difficulties at work or in life in general.

Dream of catching a fish

The dream in which you caught a fish can mean gaining some knowledge about yourself or about the problem you have, and it can also mean a re-examination of your religious beliefs.

Dream of a flying fish

A flying fish in a dream is a symbol of something you do not understand, but you want to participate in it. Maybe it’s a new project, for which you don’t have enough knowledge, but you want to learn, and maybe you got involved in something too early, for which you still need a little more preparation.

Dream of a fish attacking you

A fish that attacks you in a dream may be a symbol of your feeling of being threatened by something you do not fully understand or something mysterious and dangerous. Even though you feel threatened by something or someone, there is no real threat.

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Dream of a dead fish

It is not a good sign if you dreamed of a dead fish or a fish that fell out of your hand or out of a net, because that dream could mean disappointment. Fishing, on the other hand, hints at good events, but if you eat what you catch, it could mean the death of a friend or loved one in your family. If you saw a fisherman in a dream, the dream indicates that you need time to rest.

Dreaming of a fish swimming

If you dreamed of fish swimming, it is a good sign that you will improve your financial situation or succeed and good situations will follow in general. It is possible that you will receive a sudden income or even a promotion.

Dream of a fish in a shallow water

If the fish are swimming in the shallows, the dream may indicate some obstacles on the way to business success.

Dream of fish jumping out of a river

A dream has a happy meaning if the fish jumped out and jumped into the water again, and it indicates progress at work or a constant increase in finances. If a fish jumped out of the water and fell to the ground, the dream is a warning to think carefully before making any decisions or taking any action. If the fish still managed to get back into the water from the ground, the dream indicates that there will be some difficulties, but you will overcome them.

Dream of fish eggs

If you dreamed of fish eggs, the dream is a hint of some new beginnings. It is possible that your subconscious will give you some new ideas or a sense of the new direction you should take.

To dream of eating fish

Dream of eating or preparing fish is a symbol of your beliefs or spirituality. It can also mean that your new beliefs are becoming part of your personality. This dream could also be a sign of unexpected but pleasant news. If you eat fish in your dream, the dream means your belief that you have solved a problem and that it will not occur again.

Dream of eating various kinds of fish or fish dishes

 A dream in which you eat delicious fish dishes and enjoy it indicates great success in everything you start, as well as happiness and financial success.

Dream of fish in clear water

If you dreamed of fish swimming in clear water, the dream indicates happiness and carefreeness, and a lot of nice surprises.

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To dream of watching fish swim together

This dream is a sign of a happy love relationship that will begin. It can also mean success in some activities that you plan to start, whether they are related to work or home.

Dream of someone fishing

A fisherman in a dream may indicate that you are trying to catch something. It may indicate that you cannot resist temptation or that you will experience some obstacles in your relationship. A dream can also mean that you need rest and relaxation.

To dream that you caught a fish with your hands

If you dreamed that you caught a fish with your bare hands, the dream means success, and the bigger the fish, the greater the success. This dream can also mean that something will happen and surprise you, but not in a positive way. For example, if you have caught a goldfish or a rare species of fish or any fish that is considered precious and valuable, then that dream symbolizes happiness and success.

These dreams are associated with material stability and wealth. Try to remember what kind of fish you caught and how you felt about it. If you feel good as if you have won something, then the dream definitely has a positive meaning for you.

To dream that you have caught a big fish

The dream has a good meaning and indicates the achievement of big goals.

Dream of cleaning fish

If you dreamed of cleaning the scales of freshly caught fish, that dream indicates fun and exciting events that will change your everyday life.

Dream that you got a fish as a gift

This kind of dream may indicate that you will get some property. A dream can also mean that you will receive an invitation to a wedding.

Dream of watching fish in an aquarium

This dream indicates that you do not want to interfere in other people’s problems and that you should keep that attitude.

To dream of dead fish floating on water

This dream indicates great disappointments, the inability to solve problems or dissatisfaction due to the inability to control the situation you are in.

Dreaming of buying fish

If you bought a fish in a dream, the symbolism of this dream is negative. If you have had this type of dream, it means that you will have health problems in the future, so you should try to take care of yourself.

Dream that a fish bite you

If you dreamed that a fish bit you, that dream indicates problems. Your life will not be easy from this point onward but this situation will not last for a long time. Problems can be related to finances, health, relationships, family life and social life.

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