To dream of a bulldozer or excavator, digger

To dream of excavator

Dreaming about seeing a bulldozer

If you see a bulldozer in your dreams (excavator, digger as well), this means works up ahead.  It is possible you may want to redo your kitchen or apartment and this will take up a lot of your time.  You will have to put other things on hold.  The works will take longer than planned, and in certain moments you will feel like you made no progress at all.

To dream you’re operating a bulldozer

If you’re operating an bulldozer in your dreams, this means you will go outside your comfort zone.  You will probably face your fears and try to do something you were afraid to do before.  It can be taking an elevator, holding a speech in public and so on.  You will feel great because of it and you will prove to yourself that all it takes for you is to want something strong enough.

Dreaming about someone else operating an excavator

When you dream about someone else operating an excavator, this implies bad rapport with your colleagues.  You might be unsatisfied with the way they treat you and therefore you will try to spend as little time as possible with them.  This will poorly reflect your work and you might get a warning from the management

To see a woman operating an excavator

This dream means it might prove to be very wise to ask for help to solve your problem(s)..

To dream a bulldozer is tearing down a house

Dreaming about an bulldozer tearing down a house means you will be threatened.  You will probably owe money that you do not have.  You will keep receiving warnings and this will make you very nervous.   Situation will get dire and dire and you might feel helpless about it.

Dreaming you are tearing down a house with a bulldozer

If you dream about tearing down a house with an bulldozer (or excavator, digger as well), this means you will get revenge.  This might be a person you cared very much for, but who has let you down, or failed you.  You will want to see this person in pain and you will try hard to make that happen.  You will succeed, but this will not make you feel better.  At times you will even feel sorry about all of this and you might decide to let the sleeping dogs lie and move on with your life.

Dream about excavator digging

If you see an excavator (digger) digging in your dreams, this means you will ask around about a certain person.  The interests you have in this person are most likely romantic, and you will want to get to know this person better.  You will inquire on social networks and talk to people who know this person.  You will be very pleased with what you find out and you will think this person is ideal for you.

Dreaming about a broken excavator

If you see a broken excavator in your dreams, this means a sudden and unexpected cost ahead.  It is possible you will have to buy something for your household thus spending the money you planned for other things.  You will think it’s better to not make plans when situations like these pop up every now and then in your life.

Dreaming about purchasing a bulldozer

If you buy a bulldozer in your dreams, this means you will invest in your education.  You will probably want to get additional skills, and you will pay for an educational course, enroll in a college, and similar.  You will be very motivated and excited about learning new things and you will use your free time to further study materials you received on lectures.

To dream about selling an excavator

When you sell a bulldozer in your dreams, this means you will change your mind.  It is possible you were planning to do something related to work, but you gave up after realizing it just didn’t pay off.  You will follow your instincts, as well as good-spirited advice, and you will put this plan of yours in the bottom drawer.

To talk to an excavator operator in your dream

Some things you were expecting for a very long time will finally come to fruition.

If in your dreams someone else is talking to an excavator operator, this means you will make a wrong decision.  Under pressure from a deadline of some sort you will decide to make a very unpopular move and this will not have a favorable result.  Still, you will learn from this experience and you will be able to make good decisions under pressure in the future.  Fortunately, the damages will not be overwhelming, but you will learn your lesson and you will try not to repeat the same mistake in the future.

To argue with a bulldozer operator in your dreams

If you’re dreaming about having an argument with a bulldozer operator this means someone has drawn your attention to a mistake or a bad call you made, and you refuse to admit it.  You are being warned by your subconsciousness to stay professional and act according to your age.  Admitting a mistake will not undermine your reputation, it will only show people around you that even the best men on the job can sometimes make a mistake.

Seeing someone else argue with a bulldozer operator in your dreams means that you will realize you have many positive traits that you were not even aware of in the first place.  You thought you knew yourself best, but you will find yourself in situations you’ve never been in before, and then you will see you are very talented to resolve these situations without doing a lot of damage for yourself.  This realization will help you to face even bigger challenges in the future, as the saying goes “those who aren’t risky don’t get whiskey”.

To have a fight with an excavator operator

Dreaming about having a fight with an excavator operator means you will realize the chances of success of your current relationship, or marriage, are very small.  You are simply too much different from your partner, and these differences became more and more obvious to you as days go by.  You argue a lot about some very unimportant things and your temper rises over the smallest of things.  This behavior of yours is a sign to your partner that you are not happy with the choices you made, or that you are not happy with your life in general.  Try to talk it out, and if it doesn’t work, look for professional help or advice.

If someone is fighting an excavator operator in your dreams this means you’re having a moral dilemma.  Maybe you are troubled over the things you found out, and you are not sure whether to share them or not.  In any case, you are afraid of possible consequences and this makes you keep quiet about the whole thing.  You’re doing the right thing, considering you yourself aren’t really sure whether what you’ve heard is true or not.

If you’re witnessing a bulldozer operator being murdered, you are probably burdened with thoughts about death.  Maybe you are subconsciously worried about what happens after death.  Probably someone you loved or respected has passed away recently, and you feel very troubled by this.  Once your mourning period is over, it will be a lot easier for you to face the hard truths about the life cycle of every human being, making this type of dream disappear.

If you recently operated a bulldozer or saw someone do it, then the meaning of these dreams has a much more simple meaning.  What you saw, or did, simply left an impression with you that manifested itself in the dreams.

Definition of bulldozer and excavator at

Bulldozer: A large, powerful tractor having a vertical blade at the front end for moving earth, tree. stumps, rocks, etc.

Excavator: A power-driven machine for digging, moving, or transporting loose gravel, sand, or soil.

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