Dreaming about bridges – dream meaning and interpretation

Dreaming about a bridge

What does it mean to dream about a bridge?

Bridges in your dreams most often indicate important decisions and meaningful crossroads in your life. When having such dreams, it is best to consider from what side were you coming and where were you going. In our free dream glossary, you will find the explanation of the most common dreams about bridges.

16 interpretations of bridges in your dreams

Dreaming of crossing a bridge

If you dream about crossing a bridge that could mean that you’re at an important crossroad in your life, or that you’re about to make a very difficult decision that will determine the rest of your life. Most likely, you already know what to do. This decision will probably work out for the best. 

Dreaming about a bridge collapsing

Dreams where you are crossing a collapsing bridge or you’re are about to cross it as it starts collapsing often indicate you’re about to let a big life opportunity pass you by. These kinds of decisions could change your life. Dreams about collapsing bridges clearly represent your chances and opportunities collapsing in front of you. 

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Dreams about a collapsed bridge

When you dream about an already collapsed bridge that could mean that you’re not looking behind, nor do you want to dwell on your past. It may be that you’ve accomplished all your goals. A way of cutting ties to your past. 

Dreams about a bridge being built

If you dream of a bridge being built it marks a period of transition you’re currently going through. You’re ready for a new journey and a new adventure in your life. It could be that you’re about to graduate or maybe start a new job. Maybe your subconscious mind is telling you to wait for the right moment to start that new chapter. Because a bridge being built is obviously not finished yet, and it could mean that now is not the time to make any big decisions. 

Dreaming of a damaged bridge

If you dreamt about a bridge that looks like it’s about to collapse that could mean that you’re going through some dangerous, but meaningful change in your life. Your dreams are telling you that the road you’re taking isn’t safe at all. 

Dreams about a big, tall bridge

Such a dream indicates that there is a big decision to make sometime in your immediate future. You should be prepared for a long and difficult your ahead. Although the situation might seem difficult you should never give up. If by any chance you dreamt of a bridge so tall that you can’t see anything aside from it, it could mean that you gave yourself a lot of unrealistic goals. 

A bridge that disappears over water

The bridge that disappears over water, or is perhaps submerged, could mean that there are some emotional changes in your near future. If the water rises and floods the entire bridge it could mean that you’re letting your emotions overwhelm you. 

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Bridge over an abyss

This kind of dream points to your ability and courage to deal with all your difficulties. If you crossed the bridge in your dreams it could mean you’ll be able to handle any difficulties life throws at you. If you had difficulties crossing the bridge it could point to your insecurities. 

Crossing under a bridge

When you dream about crossing under a bridge it could mean that you think that life is passing you by. Maybe you need some perspective in order to continue living your life. 

Dreaming of a car accident on a bridge

A dream like this could mean that a goal you’ve set for yourself might not work at all, or at least might not be as easy as you expected. If you dreamt that you drove off a bridge, it could point to a sign of depression. 

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Dreams of building a bridge

If, in your dream, you were involved in the construction of the bridge it tells us that you’re ready to “overcome” something or that you’re trying to bring two sides together. Usually means you’re trying to make a connection to someone. 

Dreams about a wooden bridge

Dreams about a wooden bridge mean that you’re still not mature enough or simply don’t have enough experience to deal with your problems. Yet, you will have an opportunity to acquire those skills and overcome all your problems. 

Bridge made of stone

Dreaming of a bridge made of stone might indicate that you need some sort of stability in your life or someone to look up to and keep you focused. If by any chance you’re not on terms with your superiors try to fix your relationship with them in order to accomplish your goals. 

Bridge made of ice

If you dream of a bridge made of ice that means that you should keep a cool head, and your emotions under control, in order to accomplish your goals. You’re currently going through a rough patch but you must remain calm. This dream should be a reminder never to panic and go easy in life. 

Bridge made of glass

When you have such a dream it could point to a gap in your personal relationships. Glass is usually fragile, so you’ll have to tread carefully for it not to break. 

Bridge over a river

If you dream of a bridge over a clean and beautiful river it is a sign of good fortune to come. However, if the river was dirty and muddy it’s a sign of bad luck. 

Bridge definition according to Cambridge Dictionary:

a structure that is built over a river, road, or railway to allow people and vehicles to cross from one side to the other

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