Dreaming about being arrested – meaning and symbolism

Being arrested in your dream can often be quite disturbing. If you dream that you have been arrested, it indicates that there will be inevitable changes in your life. It may indicate that other people’s behavior will affect you greatly. Try to see the different ways you can approach problems. You can also dream about an arrest when there are negative people around you. To be arrested in a dream essentially represents being caught in a crime. If you dream that you have been arrested, it could affect your sense of injustice or the feeling that there is something unfair in your life. The dream of being arrested is a reflection of a fear that your ethical consciousness is signaling to you. You may be guilty of an evil deed or you may be wrongly accused of being the perpetrator if the consequences include arrest.

One of the theories that emerges is that this dream is a sign to change your habits or behavior. This could be done if you fix your attitude and try to stay on the right path. Alternatively, it can be something as simple as the need to take care of your diet or the fact that you need to be more sensitive to other people’s feelings. That idea somehow goes hand in hand with the suggestion that this dream presents problems with self-control. Maybe you need to restrain yourself more and learn to be a little less impulsive. If the policemen are chasing you in your dream, it may be because you have to do what people expect of you in the real world, whether you agree with it or not. If you are required to set aside your moral code in the workplace or are unhappy in a relationship, this dream could imply that you did something wrong or that you will do it soon. It can also mean that you are finally ready to do the right thing, accepting the consequences of your actions.

16 Interpretations of dreams about being arrested or arresting someone

Dreaming that you arrested a person you know

If you arrest a person you know in a dream, it implies that you will be brutally honest. It is possible that you will tell someone something they won’t like nor appreciate. You will think that this is the fairest way and that they will be grateful to you one day.

To dream that you arrested a person you do not know

If you arrest a person you do not know in a dream, it means that you will stagnate at work. You probably won’t want to do something that you think is wrong or risky. Many will put pressure on you, but you will remain consistent and you will bear all the consequences that such an attitude might bring.

Dreams of being under arrest

When you are arrested in a dream, it is a warning that trouble will befall you. You may be suspected of something you did not do. All your attempts to defend yourself will be in vain. You should try to reach out to a friend or someone who might help you.

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Resisting arrest in a dream

If you resist arrest in a dream, it indicates that you will seek your rights. Someone will probably try to write you out of the will and leave you without an inheritance. You will fight and you will not give up until you achieve what you want.

To dream that you have escaped arrest

If you avoid arrest in a dream, it implies that others envy you. People around you say that you were born under a lucky star and that everything goes well for you. You would disagree because you know what you had to give up to be where you are today.

To dream that you have been arrested and then released

When you are arrested in a dream and then released, it means that someone will apologize to you. This is probably the person who accused you without any proof. They will admit their mistake and you will be grateful to them, but you will not forget what they are able to do.

Dream of being arrested for theft

If you dream that you have been arrested for theft or robbery, it is a sign that you have used others. Your behavior is always taken into account by others and people will not be on your side anymore, whether you like it or not.

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To dream of being arrested for drugs

To dream that you have been arrested for drugs is a sign that you are trying to do a detox and get rid of bad habits. You are going through some difficult changes and you feel guilty every time you have a cheat day or slip up.

Dreams of surrendering to the police

Surrendering to the police in a dream means that you will take important steps to take care of unresolved issues. Maybe it could be related to the realization that you need to take care of your diet and health.

To dream of escaping arrest

Dreaming of escaping and avoiding arrest means that someone you know can come back from prison or maybe get bailed out.

Dream that you are under arrest for assault

If you dreamed that you were arrested for an attack, it means that someone will stop your aggressive behavior. Your impulsive desires and related actions can hit obstacles.

Dreaming of someone being arrested by the police

To dream that the police are arresting someone means that you will suffer from rivals and people who deliberately sabotage your work. However, in the end, you will overcome them with the help of a third party.

To dream that you are under house arrest

Dreaming of house arrest indicates that you are restrained for fear of failure. 

Dream of a mass arrest

To see a mass arrest in a dream is a sign of unresolved issues, conflicts and protests. The dream predicts that any opposing views in your surroundings can be controlled and limited.

Dream of a warrant for your arrest

Seeing a warrant for your arrest in a dream is a symbol of legal contracts that prevent you from acting freely. It may indicate non-disclosure agreements or employment contracts that restrict your freedom. The dream suggests that you may suffer certain losses if you decide to act against certain rules.

Dream about your family being arrested

The dream where your family gets arrested reveals the feelings you currently have towards your family. You were probably behaving immaturely lately and you hurt many members of your family. However, if you have such feelings during puberty, be sure that it is a common feeling that everyone experiences. So don’t worry if you’ve had a dream like this.

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