Dreaming about abortion

Dreaming about abortion

Dreams of abortion are one of the most terrible nightmares to have. Those kind of dreams usually occur during periods of depression and sadness, after the loss of someone or something important to you. Such dreams are also connected to some health problems you might be having, or rarely financial problems. In short terms, this dream is usually a bad omen of bad things about to happen.

7 interpretations of dreams about abortion

Dreaming about a miscarriage

Dreams about spontaneous miscarriage are a message from your subconscious mind that you’re having problems with your self-confidence. Maybe you’re feeling your dignity was somehow destroyed. To reclaim it you must take a firm stance and start making rational decisions. 

Dreaming about abortion during pregnancy

This dream could be a message that your pregnancy is causing you a lot of stress. Maybe you’re scared of losing the baby or that the baby isn’t going to be healthy. These things trouble you so much that it’s beginning to manifest in your dreams. Usually, there is no reason for concern, but if you want to be absolutely sure it might be best to visit a doctor. 

Dreaming about abortion and seeing a fetus

Dreams like this are a bad omen of some problems and dangerous situations you might find yourself in, in your immediate future. You might come to regret some things you’ve recently said or done. However, if you were happy while dreaming this it means you’ll be able to accomplish all your work and get rid of the burden that weighed you down. 

Interpretation of dreams about children.

Dreaming about a miscarriage and seeing a fetus

This dream is a message from your subconscious mind that you’re about to face some events that will cause you a great deal of pain and suffering. However, like in the previous dream, if this dream brought you joy the events that await you might help you overcome some obstacles.  

Dreaming about performing an abortion

Dreams, where you’re performing or are somehow involved in the process of abortion, are signs of upcoming problems you’re about to face. These problems might be connected to your family, friends, or your job. The problems are most likely caused by some reckless action, it’s possible you’ve said or done something without even thinking and now you’re regretting the whole thing. Give your family and friends some time and eventually, they will be able to forgive you. 

Not being able to get pregnant after an abortion

This is a pretty common and uncomfortable dream, but luckily there is nothing to worry about. These dreams mostly occur with women who have been told by doctors that they will have a difficult pregnancy. It causes depression that manifests in your dreams. There is no need to worry because most women go through their pregnancy and have a healthy child, despite the warnings by doctors and possible complications. 

Dreaming about taking abortion pills

Dreams like this most usually speak about an internal struggle you’re having. Maybe you’re frustrated because of some recent failures and have a feeling that everything you’re trying to accomplish is doomed to fail. It’s possible you are afraid of failure and begin every task with a pessimistic attitude. Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged and just continue working hard and eventually, it will pay off. 

Abortion definition according to Harvard Health Publishing:

Abortion is the removal of pregnancy tissue, products of conception or the fetus and placenta (afterbirth) from the uterus.

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