Dreaming about a chest (furniture)

Dream of a chest, trunk

The chest is one of the oldest forms of furniture, consisting of a rectangular base with four walls and a cover. A chest has always been present in the lives of our ancestors, so we can conclude that dreams about a chest are some of the oldest dreams to ever be dreamt. Our dream dictionary provides you with precise interpretations of dreams about the chest.

16 interpretations of dreams about a chest, trunk

Dreaming of seeing a chest

If you see a chest in a dream, it represents moving. It is possible that you will change your place of residence or job. You will think for a long time before you take this step, but you will realize that it is not good for you to linger. You will feel the need for challenges and progress that you will not achieve in the current environment.

Dreaming of a full chest

If you see a full chest in a dream, it indicates that someone will tell you a secret. It will probably be something that will leave a big impression on you. Although you are considered a discreet person, you will have a moral dilemma and you won’t know what to do. You will wish that person never told you anything.

Dream of an empty chest

When you see an empty chest in a dream, it is a warning that an argument will happen in the future. It will probably be between you and your partner.

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Dream of carrying a chest

If you carry a chest in your dream, it implies that you will have difficulties but they will pass with time. You are aware that both good and bad things in life will pass, which is why you are not overly happy or sad. You accept everything with reserve and accept everything that comes your way because you know that you cannot significantly change things that are meant to happen.

Dreaming of making a chest

When you make a chest in a dream, it means that you will fight your battles alone. It is possible that people close to you do not understand and do not support your plans. It bothers you that you have to convince them to help you.

Dream that you got a chest as a gift

If you dreamed that someone gave you a chest, it implies that you are under someone’s strong influence. A family member or a partner has a say in everything you do. You blindly believe everything he or she tells you and follow his or her ideas and intentions.

In the long run, this is not good for you because at some point you might come to your senses and realize that you are unhappy with your life.

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Dream of buying a chest

Buying a chest in a dream symbolizes the turning point in your life. Such dreams are mostly dreamed by younger people before going to college or those who are planning to live together with a partner. You are aware that the time has come for change and it is normal to be afraid. However, you have to believe that everything will go in the right direction.

Dream of selling a chest

Selling a chest in a dream indicates that you will give up an idea or a plan. It is possible that you will come to the conclusion that some things are not worth fighting for. You will turn to things that bring you more pleasure and benefit.

To dream that you have given someone a chest

Giving or giving someone a chest in a dream is a sign that you should not impose your opinion on others. No matter how much you believe you are right, it is not right to interfere in people’s lives. Let each adult make their own decisions.

To dream that you have stolen a chest

Stealing a chest in a dream indicates that you could get involved in some risky or illegal business. It is possible that someone may promise you a good income if you start this project. However, keep in mind that all this can ruin your life and think again whether it is good for you or not.

To dream that someone stole your chest

If you dreamed that someone stole your chest, it implies that you will suffer less damage because of others. Probably someone will persuade you to invest your money in something that does not bring profit but loss.

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To dream of hiding in a chest

Hiding in a chest means that you avoid taking responsibility for your own actions. You have a habit of believing that the whole universe has conspired against you and that you cannot progress because of it. The truth is quite different. If you try understanding your mistakes and learning from them, your life will be much better.

Dreaming of hiding someone in a chest

When you dream of hiding someone in a chest, it implies that you will stand up for a person who does not deserve it. Someone will probably convince you of their innocence, so you will defend them in front of everyone. However, with time, you will realize that you have been manipulated and that you have stood up for someone who is not innocent. If anything, you will realize that you can’t trust everyone.

To dream that you have found a chest

Finding a chest, for example in a forest in a dream, symbolizes happiness. It is possible that something very positive will happen to you. People who have been looking for a job for a long time could soon start working. If you dream of moving to another city or country, the conditions for that will be met very quickly.

Dream of burying a chest

Burying a chest in a dream means that you try very hard to keep a secret hidden. You are aware that this secret could hurt the people you care about, so keep quiet.

To dream that a chest floats on water

This kind of dream usually announces a trip. It is possible that you will go to another city or country for work. Alternatively, you can go on a short trip with family members or friends. This will help you recharge your batteries for the challenges ahead.

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