Interpretation of dreams about a President

Dreaming of a president

President is a  leader of companies, different organisations, institutions, as well as countries and states. A country or state president is a person who has the highest political position and leads the government. This title symbolizes great power, wealth, high authority, also a great variety of different duties like receiving high dignitaries from other countries and traveling to different parts of the world. It also represents a great responsibility for political and financial situation and international relations with other countries.

12 President dream interpretations

Dream of a President

To dream of a president of the state is not related to your beliefs and attitude towards the actual president of the state. Dreams of the president of the country do not really refer to him as such, but to your emotions and emotional needs, and they can rarely refer to such needs of someone from your environment who reminds you of the president because of their physical features.

To dream of a president might be a reminder that you need to be authentic and not try to make everyone love you. You should focus on your life and on living the way you truly want to, not on how others would want you to. Dreams of a president are strong dreams because they talk about something you should have mastered back during your school days, such as trying to please yourself more than trying to please others.

No matter who you are, and even if you are the president of the country, there will always be people who like you and those who don’t like you. Imagine what is it like for ordinary people. What are the chances that you will be able to please everyone? People may not like you for a variety of reasons. They may not like how you dress, how you walk, talk, what you do, how you work. People may not like you without even knowing what they don’t like about you.

Dream about the president of your country

To dream of a president of your country symbolizes power, control and authority. Such dreams might mean that you will step into leadership, stand as an authority and take responsibility for your life, or bear sorrow and trouble. This dream also reflects your thoughts and feelings about the government in your country.

Dream of meeting a President

To dream of meeting the president means that if you do not believe in ideals, the decisions of others seem unfair to you. But if you share your dreams and thoughts, it will lead you to completely change your environment, as well as many things from your current affairs.

To dream of meeting the president also signifies leadership and essential change. If you are associate yourself with people with the characteristics of a president, you tend to always seek welfare for people and you want to be a charismatic person. But remember that leaders believe in their own actions, so don’t let others misuse your trust and get things because you are sincere with them.

Dream of being invited to a meeting with a President

Dream of being invited to a meeting with the president means that you will be present at different festive occasions among many important people, you will have great success in your profession and possibility to earn significant amount money.

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Dream of a President asking for advice

If you dreamed that the president asked you for advice like a friend, the interpretation of that dream is that you want to build a close, trusting relationship with your parents or an important authority in your working life, or that you have been entrusted with great responsibility.

Dream of shaking hands with a President

To dream of shaking hands with the president means that you will have noble people around you to help you make your own wishes come true. If you happen to be able to create wealth then you might immediately make a significant amount of money that will provide for you for years to come.

Dream of showing admiration for a President

Dreaming of showing admiration for a president indicates that you will receive good news, be promoted, or move to a more important department overseas, to fully demonstrate your ability and talent.

Dream that you are the President

To dream that you are the president or that you are running for president suggests that you want to be successful in business endeavors. To dream that you are the president carries the symbolism of the desire to succeed, but unlike other dreams that also carry this symbolism, this dream shows that there are great potentials in you. You are a person who can really achieve a lot, so you need to commit to your goals and you need to work hard to achieve what you want.

Dream of a presidential election

To dream that you are in a presidential election and trying to become a president suggests struggle and a complicated situation you are dealing with in a real life. You need strength to make the right choice for yourself and your community. You are supposed to make decisions in your family, work, or relationship. You must pay attention to your next step.

To dream that the people are dissatisfied with the President

If you dreamed that people are extremely dissatisfied with the president’s rule, it means that the government will get the sincere support of the people, the political situation will be stable, and people will live and work in peace and contentment. To dream that the whole country is fascinated with the president means that the people will rebel and could start a protest.

To dream of a dead president

To dream about a dead president could mean that you do not want to serve someone and that you are tired of feeling constricted by someone else’s demands. You are afraid to admit it as you should have a more diplomatic approach. You are also afraid to take responsibility for your intentions so you should seek advice from someone who has proper knowledge when it comes to making the right decisions.

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Dream of a former president

To dream of a former president means that you could lose your strength like the former president lost his power and will not perform that duty again. It also indicates that you will finish some task or it is a sign that it is time to give up responsibility to someone who knows more about the subject. You could also be bored with your current job and environment and think about changing your job or going to retirement.

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  1. Im a Kenyan I used to dream of my president since I was younger when I dreamed is like I know him since I wad small.whats the meaning

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