Dreaming of a carpet, rug

Carpet dream meaning

Carpets in our dreams usually represent the harsh realities we’re facing every day, but at the same time, they are consoling us in a way. To better understand the dream you must try to remember every detail, of the dream, you can.

20 interpretations of dreams about a carpet

Dreaming about buying a rug

This dream could represent you’re about to receive, very soon, some money and you’ll use it to buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a very long time. Whatever it is, it will improve the quality of your life significantly. If you dream of selling a rug, it could mean you’re about to go and travel somewhere.

Placing the carpet in a room

A dream like this might foretell you’re about to make great plans that will improve your life in many ways. Maybe you’re thinking about investing your money into a business that could bring you big profits in the future.

Throwing away a carpet

Dream, where you’re getting rid of carpet from your house or apartment, might indicate that the way you’re looking at the world is about to change. Some big change will make you leave your comfort zone and your life will never be the same again.

Rolling the rug

If you saw, in your dream, yourself rolling the carpet, or if it is already rolled up it might foretell some sudden and big changes in your life. Soon you’ll face some situation which will change your attitude and opinion about some things.

Vacuuming the carpet

Dreams about vacuuming tell about your resolve to finally face and solve all of your problems, once and for all. At the moment you’re completely focused to clean up your life from every negative thing that affects it. You want to get rid of all of your bad habits and start from the beginning. If by any chance you dreamt of a broken vacuum cleaner it might mean you lost your motivation or it’s not possible to do it just now. Anyway, you’re determined to make the changes happen and they will.

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Dream about cleaning a carpet

A dream in which you were cleaning the carpet is a good sign that some positive things are about to happen to you at your job. If you had any problems with your colleagues it might be best to resolve that as soon as possible, that way you will be helping yourself in the future.

Sweeping something under the rug

This dream is a pretty clear sign that you’re trying to ignore some problem that’s troubling you in real life. You’re hoping it will just go away, but that rarely happens, and it’s better to face it.

Dream about an expensive carpet

Maybe you dream about a silk carpet which means you’re a person with expensive tastes. It’s not a bad idea to spoil yourself, but be careful not to overdo it.

Dream about a new rug

A dream about a new rug might indicate you’re about to start a new project and with hard work, you’ll finish it successfully.

Dreaming about a wet carpet

A dream about wet carpet points to your negative feeling toward people who, in your opinion, are endangering your “comfort zone”. These kinds of feelings could make the people around you start to avoid you.

Old and dirty carpet

This dream might mean that your current life isn’t so stable as you thought. You may be refusing to deal with some problems that are bothering you. Try to accept the fact that life isn’t always easy and comfortable and that small problems are an everyday occurrence.

Old, torn carpet

This is a warning of the hard times that might be right around the corner. If you’re in financial debt it’s best to resolve it as soon as possible before it gets much worse.

Footprints on a carpet

This dream might represent an unexpected visit, you won’t like, from someone.

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Dreaming about a woolen carpet

This is a symbol which foretells problems with your family, it’s possible a misunderstanding happened and now you and the other side are feeling insulted.

Dreaming about a magic rug

If you dreamt about flying on a magic carpet it might represent your wish to escape the realities of life and to escape from the problems that are troubling you.

Dream about a blue carpet

This dream usually represents quick cash earning, possibly illegally. Maybe on your way to earning more money you “overlooked” some rules.

Dream about a red carpet

The red carpet is a symbol of power and wealth. You may be about to meet some people who’ll help you improve your life significantly.

Dream about a green carpet

This dream is a foresign of happy things. It’s possible your romantic relationship will go a step further.

Dream about a white carpet

White carpet is a symbol of harmony in your marriage and a sign of good family relations.

Dream about a yellow carpet

Dreams about a yellow carpet refer to your “comfort zone” which is made of your family and friends. It means that you’re surrounded by people you can rely on.

Definition of carpet according to Merriam-Webster:

“a heavy often tufted fabric used as a floor covering”

Few pictures of carpets..

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