What does it mean to dream about glass?

Dreams about glass

It is widely believed that dreams of glass objects indicate that the dreamer actually feels passive and helpless. Broken glass is always a strong message, but the interpretation and the symbolism of such a dream depend on the current life situation of the dreamer, experience, emotions, thoughts, dilemmas and doubts in waking life. The accurate interpretation of dream about glass can be found in our dream dictionary.

12 glass dream interpretations

Dream of seeing broken glass

Dreams in which you see only broken glass (e.g. a broken window, a broken glass vase or a sculpture, etc.) mean that someone else is in control of your life; you are not in charge and you do not make any decisions. It is a reflection of failure and disappointment in waking life, things you cannot fix and undo. You have lost your self-confidence and do not believe that things could be restored and fixed. This kind of dream is always strongly associated with the feeling of sadness that completely overwhelms you.

Dream of breaking glass

If you are a person who breaks a glass object in a dream, it could reflect the need for radical change. It’s time to change habits, people, and circumstances that you no longer consider positive, good, and appropriate. You want something new, so you need to destroy something old. Alternatively, dreams of breaking glass could be a reflection of your repressed negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, and feelings of helplessness. In that case, this dream is a reflection of all those repressed emotions.

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Dream of standing on the broken glass

If you dream of walking over broken glass or stepping on a piece of glass, such dreams could reflect your torturous life. You are probably facing a number of difficulties and you are in a particularly difficult phase of life. If you intentionally walk over broken glass, it means you have difficulties but are determined to overcome the challenges, no matter how difficult they are. You are willing to sacrifice for the greater good. If you accidentally stepped on a piece of broken glass, such a dream could be a bad omen and herald a very unpleasant surprise. Broken glass could represent betrayal, obstacles and people who want to hurt you and ruin your plans.

Dream of eating broken glass

Dreams of eating broken glass certainly sound scary. They are extremely disturbing, and their meaning is not much better either. If your mouth is full of broken glass, it symbolizes an unwillingness to open up or a problem with finding the right things to say. This fear stems from uncertainty about the consequences of the words spoken. In some cases, dreams of chewing and eating glass are metaphors of remorse for something you said. It often comes to people who generally find it hard to admit that they made a mistake and find it hard to say they are sorry.

Dream of broken glass if you are pregnant

If a pregnant girl has a dream involving broken glass, it is quite an unpleasant sign that symbolizes difficult births. But at the same time a warning that the expectant mother should take care of her health. It is necessary to consult a doctor to confirm good health.

Dream of a broken window

If you are married and dream that the windows of your house are broken, according to the dream dictionary, it means that there will be quarrels in your family. It is worth paying attention to your spouse and trying to find a compromise when solving the problem. Work on your relationship and don’t even mention divorce.

To see broken windows in a beautiful and rich house, for parents represents some difficulties when it comes to raising your child or children. Perhaps they are teenagers and do not want to listen to your constant guidance, they might be finding their own path in life. It is good to talk to a child openly and talk about possible they might be facing. If they need space then give it to them, this is a difficult part of their life after all.

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Dream of breaking something out of happiness

Breaking glass can be seen as a sign of celebration all over the world so this dream has a positive meaning. Unexpected joy awaits you. You might be graduating soon or you might get promoted. You could also be getting married or expecting an addition to your family. No matter what the reason for the celebration is, you will soon be enjoying a great atmosphere with your friends and family. 

Dream of moving through the broken glass

This dream is a bad sign and it warns of imminent danger. If you looked through the wreckage in a dream, it means that you can expect some kind of change or solution.

Dream of seeing large pieces of glass

Seeing large pieces of glass in a dream means that you will quarrel with someone close to you, worsening your relationship.

Dream about tiny glass shards

Dreaming about tiny glass shards is a good sign, you pay attention to how you dress and carry yourself and you will be accompanied by happiness. You should focus on dressing formally because this dream hints at business success in the future. If you are going to a job interview, your chances of being chosen for the position will be greater if you are dressed to impress. Make sure to put on your best suit and tie, or a dress, and don’t forget to wear a smile.

Dream of washing glass

A dream in which you see yourself washing glass of any kind is an amazing sign which symbolizes that all disagreements in the family will come to an end. If you are in a quarrel with someone, you should reconcile. There will be harmony among your friends and family.

Dream about broken glass on a watch

The dream of broken glass on a watch does not have a good or bad meaning. Such a dream means that you missed the opportunity to meet a business acquaintance or a love interest. It happened that time you were too lazy to go out. However, not all hope is lost as you may meet that person on a different occasion. Just make sure not to miss the next time someone invites you to an event.

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