Interpretation of dreams about Trees

Dreaming of a tree

Trees are high, wooden plants and consist of a trunk, roots, branches and leaves. Trees are crucial for our survival. They are very important as they affect the atmospheric conditions by removing the carbon dioxide from the air, reducing soil erosion, creating habitats for animals, providing us with heating material, food and construction material. Trees are integral parts of our lives, and very often they are a part of our dreams as well.

Dreams about a tree can have different meanings. A dream about a tree usually symbolizes our personal growth, relations with family, and health. The tree is also a symbol for the development of personality through life events and experiences.

Dream about trees

Dreaming of a healthy tree is a good sign and symbolizes growth, success and progress in all areas of our lives. Branches can be a sign of connections with the environment, and roots symbolize relations with the family. That is why a tree in a dream usually has a positive meaning.

Branches are also a symbol of our hidden desires and abilities. They can also be a sign of our ability to form connections with other people, and if the tree is branched, it can indicate a lot of opportunities for new acquaintances and friendships. The roots of trees have a symbolic connection with ancestors and family. It can represent financial stability and independence.

The leaves on the trees are associated with emotions, and often signify feelings towards other people. Intense leaf color indicates our increased energy, while pale or dried leaves indicate a lack of energy. If the leaves fall in a dream, the dream indicates some inconvenience and may signal that we need to relax after an intense situation. If we have walked through fallen leaves, maybe the dream indicates that we need to leave the past behind and move on with our lives.

Dreaming of a forest

Dream of a forest, or of several trees in one place, can signify the realization of our own spirituality and inner happiness. The appearance of the forest, whether it is thick, green, sparse or dry, describes the state of our spirit. If you were in the woods at night in a dream, the dream is a sign of your deep emotions and indicates the need to relax and allow yourself to be happy.

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Dream of beautiful trees

Dreaming about observing beautiful trees has a very good meaning. This dream usually indicates contentment and prosperity which is just around the corner.

Dreams of a tree full of flowers

Dream of a tree with a lot of flowers has a positive meaning. It symbolizes love, happiness and luck. It is sometimes related to your creativity.

Dreaming of wide branches on a tree

Dream of a tree with wide branches has a good meaning. It usually describes you as a kind person, always ready to help anyone. Branches can also be a symbol of new relationships and people you will meet in the future.

Dream of a tree full of fruits

Dreaming about a tree full of fruits or picking fruit from it indicates success, which will make you very happy. Dream of eating fruit from the tree indicates that your efforts will soon pay off.

Dream of an old and dying tree

Dream of a fallen, dry or dead tree is a bad sign indicating the end of something in your life or loss of security, balance, protection, etc.

Dream of a thin and delicate tree

Dream of a thin and delicate tree indicates that someone in your life has a negative impact on you and wastes your time and energy as you devote too much time to the person.

Dreaming about climbing a tree

A dream in which you climbed a tree symbolizes a very good future. It could indicate the fulfillment of your desires for business success or advancement. It is a sign of a fruitful period of your life when you can accomplish anything you want. If the tree you climbed was big, the dream could also represent a recent large event.

Dream of getting down from a tree

A dream of getting down from a tree is often a sign of some secrets that you need to share with someone close.

Dream of falling from a tree

Dream of falling from a tree is not a good sign. This dream usually indicates that you may unexpectedly experience some humiliation and ruining of your reputation. It can also indicate that you feel imbalanced and insecure. Maybe you think that you have chosen the wrong path in life.

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Dreaming of cutting a tree down

Dream of cutting a tree down may indicate that some of your efforts to do something will be unsuccessful, regardless of the enormous effort you will put in. You will waste your money and time on something futile and insignificant.

Dream of planting a tree

Dream of planting a tree is a great sign. This dream indicates improvement in your finances or some sudden wealth through an inheritance or as a gift from a rich relative. It also indicates that you are creating a secure foundation to accomplish something for the future.

Dream of standing under a tree

Dream of standing under a tree can be a sign of your insecurity and shyness in relation to someone who attracts you a lot or you want him/her to be your friend. It is also a sign to make some important decisions or choices in a very careful way.

Dream of sitting under a tree

Dream of sitting under a tree announces some sudden but favorable news, which you will soon receive.

Dream of a tree in front of you

Dreaming of a tree in front of you may be a sign of success or some benefit.

Dream of a talking tree

If you heard a tree talking, those could be important messages from your inner self. You should try to remember the messages because they may refer to some current situation you are in. Maybe that is advice you should pay attention to.

Dreaming of a burnt tree

Dream of a burnt tree symbolizes the state of your inner being. Maybe you have been hurt recently and still feel unhappy because of that. Maybe your subconscious is telling you to forget the past and move on with your life.

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