Dreaming of a needle – dream interpretation

To dream about a needle

What it means to dream about a needle?

Dreaming of finding a needle

Finding a needle in your dream signifies that you’ll probably hear some bad news. It is possible that the health issues you’ve had in the past will reactivate and trouble you. The physical symptoms won’t trouble you as much as the mere thought of having to go through the situations you have been through in the past, situations you would rather forget.

To dream of losing a needle

Dreaming that you’ve lost a needle signifies a break up with a person that you love. Although the emotions between the two of you are strong, you will realize that going your separate ways is the best decision, in order for each one of you to get the chance to live your life in a way that best suits you. The biggest obstacle of your relationship is a desire to succeed in different fields, so one of you will dedicate itself to its business career and the other to its family.

Dreaming of pulling a thread through a needle

Dreaming of pulling a thread through a needle implies that you’ll find yourself in a very unpleasant situation. It is possible that you can’t get rid of the feeling of a duty towards your parents or some other family member, and for that reason you don’t dare to go and try to live independently. They wouldn’t understand your need to do so, they would resent you and call you ungrateful. Living like that you will constantly sacrifice your dreams ending up unsatisfied with the life you lead.

Dreaming about sewing with a needle

Sewing in a dream is a warning of some unpleasant situation, coming your way, at work. It is possible that you’ll get a new boss, who will demand that you apply their methods of working and abandon all the methods and rules you were applying in your work for years. Although you won’t like it, you will have to adjust quickly, prove you’re a boss and to yourself that you’re still willing to learn new things and improve yourself.

To dream of stabbing yourself with a needle

When you dream that you’ve tabbed yourself with a needle symbolizes restless consciousness. You are probably being too hard on yourself for something you’ve done in the past. You will fail to keep in mind the fact that at that time you were inexperienced, eager to prove yourself, which led you in to making a mistake, a mistake you can learn a lot of useful things from.

Dreaming needles

Dreaming needles signifies a huge argument. It is possible that there will be a big argument regarding a family inheritance, the family members which invested the least in the family property will claim more then they deserve. You will not let them use your kindness, and you’ll do what is necessary to protect your interests.

Dreaming that you’ve broken a needle

If you break a needle in your dream it implies that you have a tendency to do things at your expense. In other words, you always put other people’s needs before yours. You always get disappointed when you realize that the others act in the opposite way, and you’re telling that you’ll turn a new page in your life and change your behavior completely.

Dreaming of being stabbed with a needle by somebody

This kind of dream can have more than one meaning, depending on various circumstances. If someone is purposely stabbing your body or face with a needle, it might be a warning to the danger ahead. Don’t sign any kind of contracts if you haven’t read them thoroughly section by section. Don’t accept any generous offers that seem suspicious in any way, in the contrary you might find yourself in big trouble.

In the other hand, if you dream acupuncture needles being inserted in your body by an acupuncture practitioner, it implies that you’ll finally start to take care of your health. You’ll make an effort to kick off some of your bad habits, to eat healthier and exercise. You will realize that it was about time to do something about it, because you can feel how, some of, your bad habits are affecting your health. Be patient and enduring, it is not easy to get use to the new lifestyle, but you can’t afford to give up and quit.

Looking for a needle

If you’re looking for a needle in your dream it means that you’re trying to change somebody who doesn’t want to change him/herself for you or your love. That is a person with a firm positions and opinions about many things, no matter how strong is the argument you present to him/her with, that clearly proves her/him wrong. You are both very stubborn, therefore you often argue. The love is definitively there, but difference in opinions, plans, and desires might tear you apart.

A dream in which someone else is looking for a needle is a sign that you’ll be presented with a difficult choice. Maybe you’ll have to except the fact that your loved one is strongly influenced by someone, or you’ll have to choose between your love and your job. You will be forced to choose one or the other, no matter how hard that decision might be, because you simply cannot keep living like that, it is making you frustrated and unhappy.

Buying a needle

Buying a needle is a sign of a big change. It might be, that you’ll finally make a decision to buy a house, or an apartment and finally move out of your parents’ house, or that you will move to another city or a different country in the search for a better future. Prepare yourself for big challenges that lay ahead, for which you might start to question your decision, but in time you’ll realize that moving was the right thing to do.

Selling a needle

Selling a needle(s) in a dream is a sign that the person you’ve considered a true friend, will disappoint you. That person will probably do something that will hurt you so much, that you’ll end up wishing you’ve never met her. You’ll start having doubts about your other friends, which might endanger your relationship with them. Don’t let the lack of respect and appreciation of a one person affect the rest of your friendships, friendships with people whose love and affection are genuine.

Swallowing a needle

If you had a dream in which you have swallowed a needle, it’s a sign that you have to change something in your life. You have let your laziness and your fear of change keep you stuck in one place. You’re not allowing yourself to improve professionally nor spiritually. You keep complaining, yet you do nothing to better your life. Start working on yourself, make a plan for your future and put it in motion. Living is more than just being alive.

Dreaming of syringe with a needle inside

If you see a syringe in your dream it is a sign that someone will try to use your weaknesses, to its advantage. It might be a colleague from work, school, your life partner or a lover that found a way to manipulate you.

The meaning of a dream might be much simpler. If you saw, broke, lose or worked with a needle recently, it made an impression on you, therefore it came up in your dream.

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Definition of Needle by Merriam-Webster

A small slender usually steel instrument that has an eye for thread or surgical sutures at one end and that is used for sewing

Pictures of needles of different purposes

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