To dream about corn

To dream about corn

What does it mean to dream about corn?

Dreams about corn are usually positive and represent growth, fertility, abundance, and prosperity

18 corn dream interpretations

To dream of eating corn

Eating corn in the dream represents your attitude toward material things you have in life. To better interpret the dream try to remember what did the corn taste like. If it was delicious it means that you’re very satisfied with everything you have and have no problem with enjoying that what you had earned. However, if the corn was bitter or rotten it’s a sign of your worries that your family members are spending too much. 

To dream about planting corn

A dream where you were planting corn represents some sort of financial success. It’s possible you’re in the early stages of starting a business of your own and might not see profits for a long time, but be patient and keep working hard and success will come.

Dream of a field full of corn

Seeing a large cornfield, perhaps even getting lost in it, might be a sign that suddenly you found yourself having large amounts of money. Maybe you got some inheritance or got a huge bonus at work. This dream might also mean that you have so many good possibilities to choose from and you’re not sure which one to take. 

To dream about picking corn

Dream about harvesting corn is a message that you need to work a lot harder in order to accomplish your goals. Don’t ever give up, because, in the end, you will be more than satisfied with the results. 

Someone else picking corn

This dream is a good omen that refers to the success of your loved ones. A dream like this might also indicate a long journey that will bring you significant success.

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Dream about buying corn

This dream talks about some upcoming changes that promise prosperity or is a sign of improving relationships with your family and friends. 

To dream about a corn farm

A dream where you see the boundaries of the field represents harmony in your life. 

To dream about a corn husk

Dream, where the corn was completely in the husk, could be a warning to hide your financial status from others. By bragging you’re just attracting unnecessary attention to yourself. However, seeing an empty husk could mean that you’re about to find some extra way of earning money. 

Dreaming about a bag of corn

A bad of corn refers to savings you have and might need to use over the next period. A bag full of holes might be a warning that needlessly spending your money now will cause you problems in the future.

Dream about a grain of corn

A grain of corn represents some new ideas you might have that are can grow into serious business projects.

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Dreaming about cooked corn

This dream is a sign of fulfilled promises you made and delivered. 

You cooking corn

Dream where you cook corn might mean that you will need help from a friend or family member. 

To dream about roasted corn

This dream talks about how now more than ever you will need to be patient in order to solve your problems. Maybe you’re preoccupied with worrying about the problem so much that it’s preventing you from actually solving it. Try to calm yourself down and just keep working hard. 

To dream about cornflour

A dream like this indicates that you will make some smart and lucrative investments in your future. Don’t take anything you have for granted, and try to increase your wealth. 

Dream about cornbread

Cornbread is a symbol of upcoming luck and happiness from a very unusual place. 

Green corn

Dream about green corn is a sign that you appreciate everything you have in life. You are thankful for all the blessings you received and are generous when it comes to sharing them. 

Yellow corn

Dreaming about yellow or golden corn is a manifestation of your wish to be wealthier and influential. You are not in a bad financial situation you simply want to make it better.

White corn

White corn represents a state of true happiness, as well as the existence of a hobby that keeps you distracted from everyday stress. If you don’t have a hobby it could be a good idea to find one and distract yourself a little. 

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