Dreams about a Skeleton – symbolism

Dreams about a skeleton implies that you are needlessly afraid of something. It is possible that you are constantly worried about your family members and are thinking about the bad things that could happen to them. You often call them several times a day, checking how they are doing, where they are and who they are with. However, your behavior mostly creates a counter effect, so either they don’t call you, or they don’t tell you everything so as not to irritate you and listen to your preaching.

14 Interpretation of dreams about skeletons

Dream of your own skeleton

Dreaming of your skeleton indicates that you have a distorted image of yourself. You are probably too critical of yourself and look for flaws in everything you do. Even though people only give you compliments, you are not satisfied. You don’t envy anyone, but when you compare them to yourself, they seem to be smarter, more successful and better than you. You should work on your self-esteem before your emotional state escalates.

Dream that you dug up a skeleton

When you dig up a skeleton in a dream, it means that you will discover a secret that will put you in danger. You will have serious consequences because of your curiosity. You will not listen to and you will resent people who are much more influential and powerful than you.

To dream of seeing the skeleton in the mirror

If you dreamed that you saw a skeleton while looking in the mirror, it can have more than one meaning. One of them is that you are tormented by a lack of confidence due to physical appearance, unfulfilled dreams or failed relationships. Another meaning is the lack of self-esteem and the need to finally learn how to love yourself. It is a long process and people who go through it say that it is very difficult and demanding. However, if you want your life to change so you can finally be happy, you have to work on yourself. When you love yourself, others will begin to see you in a completely different light.

To dream that you have found a skeleton

According to the dream dictionary, a dream in which you found a skeleton in the woods or in the trash indicates that you will testify against someone in a lawsuit. You probably found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and now you have to deal with it in court because you are one of the main witnesses. It will not be easy for you at all because you are afraid that the accused might find a way to take revenge on you. In that case, you should seek protection from the court because it is your right to do so.

To dream that someone else found a skeleton

If someone found a skeleton in your dream and showed it to you, it is possible that you will avoid a conflict with a person you have recently met. Thanks to your calm temperament and the ability to control your emotions, you will prevent a harmless argument from growing into a serious conflict. You will realize how important it is to be calm in stressful situations.

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To dream that you have buried a skeleton

Dream of burying a skeleton is a sign that you are afraid that your secret will be revealed. Maybe it’s a sin from the past that you’re ashamed of today. You try to make sure that your loved ones never find out about it, but your conscience does not allow you to sleep peacefully. If you confide your secret to someone you trust, you would surely feel better. Maybe that person will show a lot more understanding than you could imagine.

To dream that others are burying a skeleton

When you see someone burying a skeleton in a dream, it implies that someone close to you will tell you some secret information. You will have to swear that you will take it to the grave, although from your point of view it is not such a big deal. Because of your friendship, you will never tell anyone what you have heard.

To dream of talking to a skeleton

Talking to a skeleton in a dream symbolizes your feeling that no one sees or experiences you in the right way. Sometimes people seem to avoid you, although you can’t understand why. The first thing you need to do is think about whether you are right or whether you are paranoid. The second step is to work on your confidence and the third is to realize that life is too short to spend it thinking about the negative things that are happening to you. Pay a little more attention to what makes you happy and you will see that not everything is as bad as it seems to you.

To dream that others are talking to the skeleton

If in a dream you see and hear someone talking to a skeleton, it is possible that you have allowed your fears to rule your life. This often prevents you from enjoying things and relaxing. Living in constant fear and not trying to do something about it is not really being alive. However, you must be aware that you are the person who can change everything and you should finally start working on it.

To dream of arguing with a skeleton

Arguing with the skeleton means that people around you will not have much understanding for the decisions you make. You will try to convince them that not everything is as it seems to them, and when you realize that your explanations are in vain, you will let them think what they want. At the moment, you do not have the strength and time to deal with everything and everyone.

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To dream that others are arguing with the skeleton

If in a dream others quarrel with the skeleton, it implies that you will oppose injustice. You will protect the weak and you will not allow someone to oppress and humiliate this person. By doing this, you could inflict anger on yourself, but you won’t care about it, because you know you are doing the right thing.

To dream that a skeleton is chasing you

A dream in which a skeleton chases you is a sign that you are unnecessarily worried about the development of a situation. You are a pessimist by nature and you always think about the worst-case scenarios. However, this time you are wrong because things will go exactly as they should.

To dream that a skeleton is chasing other people

When you dream that a skeleton is chasing someone else, it implies that you should talk to your partner about the problems that are bothering him or her. You are very open and honest about your worries, while they are used to dealing with such things alone. You have probably noticed lately that they are absent, so you should still pay more attention to them. Try to talk about what is bothering him or her, but don’t insist if he or she does not want to talk about it. 

To dream that a skeleton is attacking you

If a skeleton attacks you in your dream it means that you will be afraid for your health. You will probably notice some symptoms that you have not had so far, so you will consult a doctor. Detailed analyzes will show that it is nothing serious and with the help of the right treatment you will feel much better.

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