Dream about giraffes – meaning and interpretations

Dream about giraffes does not appear often but when it does, it can symbolize different things. In some interpretations, giraffes indicate a person’s desire to be different from others and somehow stand out with their uniqueness. They are sometimes considered a sign of someone’s arrogance or excessive desires. Sometimes dreams about giraffes are interpreted as a sign of success, progress or finally reaching for the impossible. They can also be a sign of pleasant events or surprises regarding family or friends. This dream, in some cases, indicates the need to look at a situation from a different or broader perspective. You may be focusing on small details when you should look at a bigger picture instead. This approach is necessary to make the best possible decisions. To understand the meaning of your dream, you need to remember the details and look for them in our dream dictionary.

13 Interpretations of dreams about giraffes

Dream of a giraffe

If you saw a giraffe in a dream, it implies that you crave attention. You are a person who likes to stand out in the crowd, so you do everything to make your presence provoke the reaction of other people. Sometimes you come to this by provocative or unusual dress, and sometimes by your behavior or the way you talk to other people. You seem arrogant, but it is only a defense mechanism that allows you to hide your fears.

Dream of multiple giraffes

If you saw a group of giraffes in a dream it means that you should pay attention to the behavior of the competition when it comes to work. It is possible that someone will try to steal your idea or try to jeopardize your business in some way. 

Dreaming of a giraffe with offspring

When you see a giraffe with her offspring in a dream, it implies that you will face numerous challenges and obstacles on the way to the goal. You will often think of simply giving up on everything and coming to terms with your destiny. Fortunately, you will not do that because you are a very persistent and hardworking person. You have to be patient and it will definitely pay off one day.

Dream about a giraffe in the wild

A dream in which you see a giraffe moving freely in its natural habitat means that you are in a relationship with the wrong person. Your partner has not yet admitted to you that he/she does not want to be engaged in the long run and that he/she is not interested in marriage and family with you. At the moment, your partner is happy to be in your company and likes your love and attention, but he/she is not thinking about your future together.

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Dream about a giraffe at the zoo

If you dream of a giraffe in a zoo it implies that you want to keep someone by your side at all costs. Possessive parents or insecure people do this often and suffocate their loved ones. Your behavior suffocates them and makes them restless. You will have to start changing because so much possessiveness is not healthy in any interpersonal relationship.

Dream about a giraffe in a cage

A dream about a giraffe locked in a cage or chained indicates that you are tired of everyday life. You have fallen into a monotonous rut ​​and you are surviving the same battles every day. You are eager for change but you are also afraid of it. This is perfectly normal thinking for someone in your position. However, if you are not happy at the moment and if you do nothing about it, then only you are to blame for how you feel.

To dream of feeding a giraffe

Feeding a giraffe in your dream means that what you currently want most in the world will come true. No matter what your desire is your prayers will be answered. It is important to be patient and believe in your success because you don’t need anyone to constantly give you the wind in your back, you are capable enough to push this to the end. You will soon realize that sacrifice and perseverance pay off.

To dream of others feeding a giraffe

If you have seen someone feeding a giraffe in a dream you will be in a position to help a dear person and you will gladly do so. One of your friends or relatives will be in trouble and will ask you to meet them. You will do it with pleasure and you will not expect them to ever return the favor.

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To dream of riding a giraffe

Riding a giraffe in your dream means that your arrogant behavior will jeopardize the good reputation you have been building for years. You will probably consciously tease someone and this will backfire. They will not have to spread lies because the truth they know about you will be interesting and shocking enough. Years of effort, work and commitment might be ruined because of your immature behavior.

To dream of others riding a giraffe

To dream that someone is riding a giraffe means that you envy the wrong person. It seems to you that they have everything you dream of. Maybe it’s a dream job, an ideal partner or a life tailored according to your needs. However, behind all this are issues that you cannot see. It would be better to focus on yourself instead of comparing yourself to others.

To dream that you bought a giraffe

Buying a giraffe in a dream indicates that you will gain popularity in society thanks to optimism and positive energy. You are a person who with your cheerful spirit captures attention wherever you go. People love you because you think positively and never complain about your situation.

To dream that you got a giraffe

This dream means that you will completely change your attitude about life after an eye-opening event. You will try to enjoy the moments of happiness and you will not pay attention to the past. This does not mean that the future will not scare you a little but you will try to use every minute of your life in the best possible way.

To dream that a giraffe is chasing you

A dream in which a giraffe chases you indicates that you are surrounded by people who are using your positive energy. Your friends or family members have a lot of problems that they pass on to you because they feel that you can handle it. After hanging out with them you often feel frustrated and depressed. You may need to distance yourself from such people for a while to maintain good mental health.

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