Dreams about a knife – interpretation and meaning

What does it mean to dream about a knife? Knives are a common dream symbol. If you dream of a knife or knives, maybe the dream indicates the need to cut ties with someone. It could be a hint about a relationship or a habit that harms you. Dreams of knives usually indicate you need to get rid of some things in your life.

16 interpretations of dreams about a knife

Dream of a big knife

If you see a big knife in a dream, it symbolizes lies. You may want to protect someone by telling them what they want to hear, instead of telling them the truth. You will be convinced that you are doing a good deed, but it would certainly be more useful for the person in question to be honest from the start.

Dream of a small knife

To dream of a small knife implies that you will quarrel with someone. This is probably a person you highly value and respect, but you are not able to find a common ground with. It can be your partner, a friend or a family member with whom you do not agree at all, but you are sad as soon as you are separated from him or her even for a day.

Dream of a pocket knife

When you see a pocket knife in a dream, it implies that something you said will haunt you. You are a person who doesn’t think twice before they speak and who tries to be honest and authentic. You are aware that your words may hurt the feelings of your loved ones but you still decide not to filter the things you say.

To dream of losing a knife

If you lose a knife in your dream, it symbolizes an unpleasant surprise. It is possible that you have been preparing to give your friend a rude awakening by presenting the facts that support each of your claims. However, you will be surprised when you realize that not everything is black and white and that there needs to be some middle ground.

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To dream that you found a knife

To dream that you have found a knife indicates that someone will make you happy. You might get an item that has a special meaning for you and that you have been wanting for a long time. You will be honored that it now belongs to you and you will try to preserve it the best you can.

Dream of a rusty knife

If you see a rusty knife in a dream, it warns of the disease. You will probably not notice any deterioration in your health, but a detailed examination could confirm the dangers that threaten you. Even though you will try to be strong and fearless, you will just want someone to hug you and tell you that everything will be okay.

Dream of a very sharp knife

Dreams about a knife that is sharp indicate that you may be let down by a loved one. A gesture or action by a family member or your partner will hurt you. You will experience this as a betrayal, and it will take you a long time to forgive this person.

Dream of a blunt knife

A blunt knife in dreams means that you are not wise or strong enough to confront a problem. Maybe you should seek advice from someone you trust. A fresh perspective on the situation and his or her life experience could help you overcome that situation. Another possibility is that you are not efficient enough in what you are currently doing and that you are frustrated by it. 

Dream of a bloody knife

Dreams about a knife that is bloody can have several meanings. Dreams like this indicate a guilty conscience because you have hurt the person you love. The second meaning is that you are afraid that the sins of the past will come to haunt you.

Dream of a set of knives

When you see a set of knives in a dream, it symbolizes a moral or emotional dilemma. Maybe you haven’t confessed your real feelings to someone because you’re afraid it might hurt them. Don’t procrastinate on what’s inevitable, you are simply putting it off and wasting time. 

To dream of holding a knife

Holding a knife in your hand in your sleep indicates the need to defend yourself from attack. Someone is constantly provoking or underestimating you, and you are not reacting in the right way. One thing is for sure, you will not achieve anything if you quarrel. 

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To dream of someone else holding a knife

If you dream that someone is holding a knife, it implies that you have a person in a close environment who controls or restrains you. These can be parents or a partner who, due to possessiveness, restricts your freedom. You will not be able to withstand such a situation for a long time so you need to solve that problem before it’s too late.

To dream that you cut yourself with a knife

Cutting yourself with a knife in a dream symbolizes bad habits and vices that negatively affect your life. You are aware that your behavior endangers your health but there is no way you can change it. You are probably still not completely ready to get rid of what is not good in your life, but in time you will realize that you have no other choice and you will start to take care of yourself.

To dream that you have attacked someone with a knife

Attacking someone with a knife in a dream means that you would risk everything you have for your partner and friends and family. You are a person to whom family, honesty and honor are very important. You would never do anything that would jeopardize your relationship with those you love. It is not an easy burden that you carry, but it is quite certain that you will stay that way for the rest of your life.

To dream that someone attacked you with a knife

A dream in which someone attacks you with a knife symbolizes the fear of loneliness. You will keep your loved ones by your side at all costs, even when you are aware that love or friendship does not have a bright future. Think carefully about whether it is really wise to fight for something that is doomed. 

To dream that you have stabbed someone

Stabbing someone with a knife in a dream can have many different meanings. One of them is that you envy someone and that you would prefer if he or she failed. Work on making yourself better and better, and don’t compare yourself to others.

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