To dream about the guitar – meaning and interpretation

Dream about the guitar

Guitars appearing in our dreams are often a reflection of our needs and wants. These dreams also represent our creativity and could be an inspiration for it. Surely, embarking on a creative journey could be fun, relaxing and could potentially lead to discovering new talents.

If you dream about guitars, it could allude to fun times and hanging out with friends and family. Whether you were hanging out at a family dinner party playing the guitar or you wish to learn to play the guitar, your subconscious mind is painting a harmonious picture for you.
Dreaming about guitars is usually a sign of change that will happen in your life in the near future. Guitars in dreams usually portray strong emotions we are currently experiencing in real life.

Playing or watching a guitar in your dreams can mean you have some unquenched desires for physical intimacy. You may currently be single and in a need of a partner’s touch. Dreams about guitars are often dreamt by people who are not afraid to speak their minds and open up about their emotional state.

8 interpretations of dreams about the guitar

To dream of playing the guitar

Dreaming about playing the guitar implies that you love people and enjoy when you are in the center of attention. You enjoy making people happy and being praised. If you have siblings it is likely that they think highly of you. You are probably your parents’ favorite child.  Since all of your moves are being watched and you are heavily praised for all of your success, that might cause jealousy among friends and family.

Listen to the sound of the guitar

To dream about listening to the sound of the guitar symbolizes sadness about the past. Sometimes you long for the days of your childhood when you seemed happy and carefree. Before, everything seemed possible. However, experience and dealing with the problems life throws at you made you stronger than ever before. Harsh reality made you see and focus on the important things in life.

To learn to play guitar

This kind of dream is directly related to your emotional state. Perhaps you lack passion in your life. If you have been single for a while, it is expected that by now you have developed a need for a companion. However, if you do have a partner then they are probably not satisfying your needs in the bedroom. Firstly, you should work on your communication and clearly state your needs. You should also try to spice things up in a way you will both enjoy the experience.

Dreaming of holding a guitar

If your dream is about you holding a guitar, that is considered to be a good sign. Holding a guitar in your hands might suggest that you will meet someone new who will prove to be a great company. In some cases, it might turn out that the new person who entered your life is someone special with whom you can connect romantically. Holding a guitar can also represent a subconscious eagerness to be involved in some new and exciting experiences.

Dreaming about a guitar with broken strings

If you dreamt about a guitar with broken strings, that dream is associated with sadness and sad experiences which will be a cause for sadness and tears.

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To dream about acoustic guitar

If you dreamt about an acoustic guitar, that dream could be a sign that you are trying to appear in a less authentic way. This may suggest you want to be perceived by others as impressive and amazing even though you are not. Perhaps you want people to like you more. You should focus more on what you are like and less on what others want you to be like.

To dream about electric guitar

Dreaming about an electric guitar is often a result of your longing to be perceived as a person who is active and filled with energy. You wish people thought of you as a fun and outgoing person. You try to impress people and show off hoping to get their attention and intrigue them. You enjoy leaving a great first impression and having a great circle of friends.

To dream about a guitar pick

If you dreamt only about the guitar pick, that dream could be a subconscious reminder to get back to doing things that make you happy. If you used to play guitar and you do not play it anymore, then the dream is representing your inner need to devote to your long-lost passion – the guitar. If you never played guitar, then the dream is your wake-up call to devote to your creative side.

The guitar is a musical instrument with strings, characterized by its wooden exterior and beautiful melody. Dreams about guitars are usually a sign of strength and determination. A lot of patience and enthusiasm is needed to learn to play guitar. It is important to practice a lot in order to play it well.

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