Dream about an aquarium – symbolism and interpretation

What does it mean to dream about an aquarium? The aquarium is a pretty cheerful symbol that represents happiness, love, favorable changes and the birth of children. But that can be interpreted ambiguously, depending on the circumstances of your dream. If the fish in the aquarium are very beautiful, it is a sign of impending marriage for young women. And the groom will be an influential and rich person.

However, if you dream of a broken aquarium it represents trouble and worries. Often an aquarium with fish swimming gracefully and calmly symbolizes rest and peace. This means you can relax and enjoy a peaceful life. If the water is muddy, it hints at troubles in the relationship. A general picture of an aquarium in a dream world, such as one that is devoid of certain details or characteristics, means that your financial situation will improve significantly. 

13 Interpretations of dreams about an aquarium

Dream of an aquarium full of fish

According to the dream dictionary, when you dream of an aquarium full of fish, it means that you have a lot to worry about. You feel a great responsibility because many people depend on you. Your financial situation often does not allow you to fulfill your obligation in a certain period of time.

The family is not aware of your problems and sometimes they blame you for not caring enough about them. Their ungratefulness and worry about material things can be hurtful. You think you shouldn’t have given them everything because you made them incapable of taking care of themselves. You will see your mistakes so you will often seek comfort in alcohol, gambling or other vices that could create greater difficulties for you than you are currently in.

Dream of an empty aquarium

When you see an empty aquarium in a dream, it is a sign that you are worried for no reason. You may have relationship problems because you are jealous. Your partner is trying to reason with you, but you are convinced that he is not honest. You control his every step and look for problems where there are none. People who love you will see that something is wrong and will tell you to change your behavior towards your partner before it is too late.

Dream of a small aquarium

Dreaming of a small aquarium with only a few fish, means that you will see a person you have not seen for a long time. Maybe it’s someone who meant a lot to you in the past or even a person you’ve been in a relationship with. However, this meeting will not result in a new romance, but it will be pleasant for you because it will evoke beautiful memories that you haven’t thought about for a long time.

Dream of a large aquarium 

A dream in which you see a large aquarium usually means that you will have a difficult situation at work or in college. Someone will put you up against a serious challenge. You will get the opportunity to work with a group of people who probably do not share your opinion and views on many important issues. This will make you feel powerless and you will begin to believe that the problem is in you. However, you should not draw any conclusions too soon, maybe your colleagues could positively surprise you if you show understanding and hope that your joint work will be successful.

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To dream of breaking the aquarium in your sleep

If you dreamed that you broke an aquarium, it means that someone close to you has finally understood what kind of person you are and started to appreciate what you do. It is also possible that you will receive official confirmation in the form of financial gain for your hard work.

Dream of a broken aquarium, someone will ask you for love advice, believing in your sincerity and desire to help them. It will not be easy for you because such advice cost you some friendships and acquaintances, but you will still decide to help the person you care about.

Dream of a dirty aquarium

A dirty aquarium symbolizes suspicion and bad news. It is possible that you will get an information that will be hard to believe because it would ruin the reputation of someone you value very much. Although it will bother you, you will decide to stay away and not question other people’s actions.

To dream of cleaning the aquarium

Cleaning the aquarium in your dream means that you will finally start to get rid of negative thoughts or negative people that have a bad effect on your state of mind. After a social and emotional cleansing, you will see things more clearly and you will be able to make important decisions. You will feel great relief because everything will fall in its place and you will be able to organize your time better.

To dream of buying an aquarium

When dreaming of buying an aquarium, your subconscious mind warns you that you will feel lonely. Although you will often be surrounded by people, you will not feel connected to them. Moreover, you will be tormented by the suspicion that they do not want to accept you for who you are. Such a feeling will cause insecurity and undermine your confidence. If you haven’t had a partner for a long time, you will begin to reconsider your actions and wonder where you went wrong in previous relationships.

Seeing someone else buying an aquarium means financial gain. You might receive an inheritance or find a side hustle that will bring you additional income.

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To dream of selling ​​an aquarium

If you are selling an aquarium in a dream, you will find yourself in a situation where you have to arrange something for someone. The plan will reach a standstill and it will seem that that person will not be able to accept the truth. In order to protect yourself, you will resort to lies. Be careful because lies can drag you into a vicious circle you will find it difficult to get out of.

To dream of getting an aquarium as a gift

Dreaming that someone is giving you an aquarium, means that you doubt your partner’s fidelity or the sincerity of a friend. Tiny signs will tell you that something is not right. It is possible that the their actions will fuel the suspicion, but you will also discover something they are hiding. However, be careful not to accuse someone without real evidence. You should solve the problem by talking, not by making conclusions based on feelings alone. Try to hear the other side of the story to calm the situation.

To dream of giving someone an aquarium

A dream of giving someone an aquarium means that you have a good period ahead of you. You will be rewarded for all your effort. You will try to help someone who is in trouble and that person will be very grateful to you and will reciprocate at the right time.

To dream of being trapped in an aquarium

If you dream of being trapped in an aquarium and could not communicate with the outside world, your subconscious is telling you that you are indifferent to everyone around you. It is possible that you focused on yourself and do not have the energy to deal with other people’s problems.

To dream of swimming in a large aquarium

Swimming with fish in a large aquarium means that you will finally feel free in the waking world. You were under stress but it will slowly begin to resolve. Perhaps you will change your job, partner or place of residence, which will come in handy.

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