To dream of an umbrella

To dream of an umbrella

What does it mean to dream about un umbrella?

Dreams about an umbrella usually refer to emotional security. It’s possible you’re creating a “shield” to protect your emotions or some sort of a cover to protect them from outside influence. 

21 umbrella dream interpretations

Dream about an umbrella

Dream of an umbrella, without any additional details, might indicate that someone is about to use your kindness for their own benefit.

Walking in the rain with an open umbrella

This dream is usually followed by feelings of negativity and depression. Whatever is troubling you, try to resolve it, or you’ll only get more and more depressed and it will be very hard to return to your normal life.

Open umbrella in a room

A dream like this might be a sign that you will meet someone soon, someone who will have a big impact on your life. 

Dream about opening an umbrella

This dream means that you’re currently in a position to satisfy all your family’s needs both material and emotional. 

If you’re unable to open an umbrella in your dream then that is a sign that you will need some help from your family.

Dreaming about an already open umbrella is usually a foresign of beautiful things, inner peace, and nirvana. 

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Dream about a closed umbrella

A dream where it’s raining and your umbrella is closed is a symbol of your unfulfilled emotional needs. Maybe you’re still not ready to face your feelings and admit them to the person you like.

Dream about losing an umbrella

A dream where you lost the umbrella could be interpreted based on the place where you actually lost it. If, for example, you lost it at your office it’s a sign of some trouble at work. Dream about a lost umbrella can also represent a feeling of being abandoned, maybe you drifted from someone that was very close to you. 

Dream about holding an umbrella

This dream might indicate that you’re ready to face your feelings and the traumas that have been bothering you for a very long time. 

Dream of buying an umbrella

Buying an umbrella is a sign that you or someone close to you will have an emotional breakdown. Maybe someone close to you is going through an emotional crisis and needs your help in dealing with it. 

Dream about stealing an umbrella

This dream is a warning that you could break someone’s heart with your reckless behavior. 

Dream about flying with an umbrella

This dream indicates that you will have great success at work. Still, you have to prepare yourself for the responsibility that comes with success. A sudden rise to a position of power comes with dangers and you should be careful not to succumb to them.

Dreaming about a broken umbrella

A broken umbrella is a symbol of some sudden uncomfortable change you will just have to accept. This dream might also be a manifestation of your loneliness, you feel as you don’t have anyone to talk to and confide in.

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Dream about a leaking umbrella

This dream is usually a sign of some financial problems you might be going through. It’s possible that you haven’t prepared for “rainy days” and now you are having problems. 

Dream about a patched-up umbrella

A patched-up umbrella is a representation of some sort of disagreement in your family. An old, patched-up umbrella is a sign and a warning that you should improve relations with your family before it comes to a point of no return. 

Holding the umbrella for someone

A dream where you were covering someone from rain is a representation of emotional support you will get from that person. Whenever you feel the need to help someone or ask someone for help don’t be afraid to do it, you might be surprised how many people are ready to help. 

Being soaked even though you had an umbrella

This dream might be a foresign of you being disappointed after you do someone a favor and don’t even get a “thank you” in return. There are a lot of ungrateful people out there, but that is not a reason to stop helping people. 

Dreaming about a white umbrella

A white umbrella is a symbol of happiness in your relationship and might foretell some journey in your future. 

Dreaming about a black umbrella

This dream represents some uncomfortable changes about to happen to you. You probably already know the source of the changes and you will be prepared for everything. 

Dreaming about a red umbrella

Red umbrella is a message that you shouldn’t worry too much about your emotional needs. 

Yellow umbrella

This dream is a sign of profit and protection. 

Blue umbrella

Dreaming about a blue umbrella might be a warning that a lot of people are jealous of you and will try to take something that belongs to you. Try to think who could it be and do everything in your power to protect yourself. 

Transparent umbrella

This dream is a sign that you’re able to predict all of your troubles and prepare for them in time.  

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