Dreaming of onions – meaning and interpretation

Dream of an onion

Dreams about onions are quite common dreams, although it does not seem so. The reason for this is simple, many people are often worried about their health and are anxious about it. Onions are clearly associated with food, but also with tears. In real life, onions are recommended for the prevention of various diseases. Likewise, an onion in a dream symbolizes good health or improved health conditions.

Dreams of onions should always be interpreted in accordance with the additional symbols that appeared in the dream. When interpreting a dream in which you dreamed of onions, also consider the context of the dream, so that you can more closely determine what your dream refers to.

17 interpretations of dreams about an onion

Dream of seeing an onion

If you see an onion in a dream, it is a warning that inconveniences await you. It is possible that most of the things you started will not go as you expected, which will force you to focus on the present issues, postponing long-term plans and agreements that you eagerly awaited. It will be difficult for you to accept the new situation, but you will try not to lose hope and to arm yourself with patience and positive thoughts.

To dream of chopping onions

To dream of cutting onions means that you will be sad. In the coming period, you will probably remember many dear people with whom, for some reason, you are no longer in contact with. You will think about moments that could have happened if you only stayed in touch.

To dream of eating onions

When you eat onions in your dream, it represents misery. You may find yourself in a bad financial position that will require you to give up many of the pleasures you have previously been able to afford for yourself. You will also need to seek help from family members or friends who have good intentions. However, don’t despair as this situation will soon pass.

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To dream that others are eating onions

To dream that someone is eating onions means that you will feel sorry for someone’s fate and decide to help that person as much as you can. You will enjoy this type of activity, and you will start volunteering in a humanitarian organization.

Dreaming of others chopping onions

If you dreamed of someone cutting onions, it symbolizes envy or jealousy. A person from your environment has achieved in life what you have been dreaming about for a long time. Maybe he has a job you dream of or a partner that suits you. Instead of him or her serving as an example that something like this can be achieved, you are poisoned by these negative emotions.

Dream of peeling an onion

Peeling an onion in a dream indicates that you will return to a failed project. You worked for a long time on something that did not bring results. You faced many obstacles and challenges and in the end, you decided to give up. However, now you will start doing it again because you believe that over time you have gained the experience you need to achieve what you want.

To dream of others peeling onions

This dream means that your secret will see the light of day. You are probably hiding sin from the past so as not to hurt your loved ones or jeopardize your relationship with someone. However, your enemies will find out about it, and the information they have about you will serve as a weapon in the fight against you. You won’t be able to do anything to prevent it, so you need to start thinking about Plan B.

To dream of frying onions

Frying onions in a dream indicate that you are slowly losing patience trying to solve a problem. Whichever way you look at it, you seem to have missed something. Maybe you should consult with someone about it. A fresh perspective on things can be the key to resolving that situation.

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To dream of others frying onions

A dream in which you see someone frying onions indicates that you are too negative. You often think about the bad things that have happened to you, and you ignore the good ones. It is normal that such an approach creates dissatisfaction for you. You should change the way you look at things. Achieving balance in life is hard work, so don’t be too harsh on yourself.

To dream of planting onions

Planting onions in a dream means living in the past. You probably often think about the consequences of bad decisions that you made earlier and that affect your life now. You can’t plan for the future at all as long as you’re trapped in that vicious cycle. It’s time to leave the past behind in order to move on with your life. There are many beautiful moments waiting for you, the only question is whether you will be able to recognize them.

To dream of others planting onions

If you dreamed that someone is planting onions, it is possible that you will help a person who is suffering from traumas from the past. Something bad has happened to them and they are still suffering because of it. You will do your best to show them that they have something to hope for in the future.

To dream of a field of onions

To dream of a field of onions, symbolizes trouble for those you love. Some of your loved ones will face a crisis, and you will try to help them get out of it. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening, but you can help solve it.

Dream of buying onions

Buying onions in a store or market indicates that you are currently going through an emotional crisis and that you need the support of a friend. However, keep in mind that there are still those among you whose intentions are not clear to you. You should not tell such people about your secrets, fears and plans, because they could abuse the situation and your trust.

Dream of selling onions

Selling onions in your dreams indicates that you need to take care of your expenses. At the moment, you have no problem fulfilling your desires, so you started to show off. However, in the future you will need a lot to cover some costs, so you could be in trouble. Learn to save for emergency situations because they could come soon.

Dream that you got an onion as a gift

If someone gave you an onion in a dream, it implies that a friend or family member will ask you to lend them some money. They will find themselves in a crisis and you will be the first person they turn to. They will openly admit that they do not know when they will be able to repay you, but you will definitely help them because this is someone who has helped you a lot so far.

To dream that you have given someone an onion

Giving someone an onion as a gift symbolizes a quarrel with family members. Someone might spend money on something that you consider completely unnecessary, and you will get angry about it. You are used to agreeing on such things, so this person’s move will surprise and disappoint you. However, you must not allow money to be a reason for bad relations between the two of you.

To dream of stealing onions

Stealing onions in a dream indicates that you will make money in a risky and even illegal way. Maybe the opportunity to earn money will come at the moment when you need it the most, and you will not think about the consequences. You will profit this time, but only later you will realize what could have happened if things had turned out differently.

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