Dreaming of a lampshade

Lampshade dream meaning

Lampshades in our dreams might indicate various things. Things such as fear of something you thought you left in the past coming back to the light, or it could be a symbol of a great idea you will have that will help you solve all your problems. It all depends on the context of the dream surrounding the lampshade.

14 dream interpretations about a lampshade.

To dream about a lampshade

Dream of a lampshade is an indication of success in your work or at a job. All the work you’ve put in a lot of time and money will start paying off very soon. You will enjoy in your fruits of labor, deservingly so.  You showed the management that you are trusted and reliable. There is a possibility of taking a business trip with lots of job offers and/or advanced training courses.  You are satisfied as you see now all your efforts resulted in success. You feel full of energy at work.  Your self-confidence is at a very high level.  This affects your personal life in a very positive way too.

To knock over a lampshade / to see a  lampshade knocked over in your dream

If you see a  lampshade knocked over, this is a warning to stop putting efforts into work that has no perspectives. You are eager for success, resulting in hastiness in work. If you are an entrepreneur, you failed to analyze the market carefully and it often seems that you spend more than you earn. This makes you feel bad and you realize this kind of business has a very short lifespan. You refuse to take good advice from your friends.  If you took a bank loan, you may end up in serious financial troubles.

Lampshade on a table lamp or a chandelier

If you dream about a lampshade on a table lamp or a chandelier that emits light, you will resolve a problem that has been troubling you for quite a while. The tables will finally turn to your advantage, and you will have plenty of energy to complete any given task.

However, if the bulb is not emitting light, there is a possibility of a minor argument with a relative or a colleague. Misunderstanding and bursts of intolerance in personal life will reach their peak.  Not to worry though, this will not greatly affect your daily life.

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Lampshade in a shop window

If you dream about a lampshade or a neon sign in a shop window – you will meet a person who might change your life. This is a very influential person willing to help you.  Take this person’s advice.

To dream about white lampshade

You will finally hear good news from a very dear person living far from you. Possibility of a long-awaited journey. The white lampshade is most often a symbol of something positive and favorable.

Dreaming of black lampshade

If you dreamt of a black lampshade you subconsciously grieve over a missed opportunity. You will finally sum up the courage to make an important life decision and take control of your life. You are aware it is not going to be easy and you may be alone on this journey, but at the same time you know how much important it is to take over your life and do what you think is the best thing to do.

To dream about red lampshade

You doubt your partner’s fidelity. A relationship with your partner is not at its best, and you feel you grow distant from your partner. Your partner acts like there is something to hide and tries to avoid important conversations. The best option is to change the approach and simply be completely honest with your partner. In the long run, keeping things the way they are will not have a happy ending as your mental state will take a toll due to dishonesty and lack of communication.

To dream of yellow lampshade

Someone’s envy or jealousy might get you in trouble.  Your success in business and personal life did not go unnoticed. If you dreamt about a yellow lampshade this means there is a person in your life who is very envious of you. Keep in mind you cannot do a lot to change the situation, and the best thing to do is to prepare for troubles that lie ahead.  Do not let this situation affect your plans.

Dreaming about colorful lampshade

There’s a possibility of winning in games of chances. Get that scratcher.

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To receive a lampshade as a gift

You will be very happy with someone else’s good news. A friend or a relative will bring you very good news.

To give a lampshade

You’re stressed. Daily pressure at work, or lack thereof, greatly affects your health. Even though you’re aware of this, you still can’t do much to change the situation. It is important to try and reduce stress levels, as this can bring more troubles, and then your daily life might start revolving around fearing the worst.

To stand underneath a lampshade

You’re lonely. Even though there are other people in your life, sometimes it feels they don’t understand you or your actions. You try to keep this to yourself, but rest assured that if you keep doing this it will become obvious to everyone in your life. Try to find a hobby that meets your expectations or have a talk with the person you trust the most.

To break a lampshade

If you break a lampshade in your dream this means that you fear the secret you have will be revealed.  This may be true, but the end result will not be as catastrophic as you think will be.  Try to relax and let things take care of themselves.

To set a lampshade on fire

If you set a lampshade on fire in your dream, this means you will start an argument with friends who believe you don’t have time or understanding for them, who feel like you ignore them. If you dream that someone else is setting a lampshade on fire, this means you will start a secret relationship, a relationship you know is completely unacceptable by your relatives.

Lampshade definition according to wiktionary.org

A cover over a lamp to either diffuse the light or to block it in certain directions to avoid glare in the eyes.

Pictures of various lampshades

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