Dreams about an Angel – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams of an Angel

An angel is a supernatural being who serves God and is present in many religions, especially in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

11 interpretations of dreams about an Angel

Seeing an Angel in your Dreams

Seeing an angel in your dreams symbolizes luck. You will feel great because you will start seeing things from a different perspective. You used to be a bit skeptical at times, without much hope that things will take a turn for the better. However, soon you will take responsibility for your behavior and you will try to live a more fulfilling life.

Dream of talking to an Angel

If you are talking to an Angel in your dream, that symbolizes a wish that will come true. Success will find its way to you. Whatever you decide to delve into you will finish before the set deadline and you will exceed the expectations of others. You will be praised for your hard work so you can expect a raise or a promotion in the near future. You will be happy with your love life because your partner will be giving you plenty of attention. If you are married, it might indicate that you will make important decisions about expanding the family or moving to a different city.

Dream of yourself as an Angel

If you saw yourself as an angel in your dreams, consider it a warning. These dreams usually symbolize disease so you should book a visit with your doctor. It is always a good idea to check your overall health. Don’t set unrealistic goals and risk your health in order to achieve them. Continuous stress can leave emotional and physical consequences. You are torn between your ambitions and your possibilities. Your expectations of others are too great which makes your friends feel like you are putting too much pressure on them. This attitude might make you lose some people close to you.

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Dream of arguing with an Angel

If you are arguing with an angel in your dreams it might suggest relationship issues with your partner or someone close to you. There has probably been some tension between you two recently which affected your communication. You have been blaming each other for every little thing that happens. You need to stop blaming each other and focus on your own mistakes and shortcomings in order to improve your relationship.  You need to take some time for yourself so you can treat yourself and your loved one better. You need to realize that patience and understanding is the key to good communication.  Keep that in mind before you enter any arguments with the person you love.

Dream of fighting with an Angel

A dream in which you are fighting with an angel symbolizes danger. You could find yourself in a situation that could bring some negative changes in your life. Be careful when making decisions because a careless move could leave you wondering where you’ve made a mistake.

Dream of killing an Angel

Dreaming of killing an angel implies that you feel guilty about something you have said or done in the past. You have been trying to escape that feeling for a long time but it simply comes back. Regardless, your pride stops you from reaching out to the person whose feelings you’ve hurt. Staying quiet will not solve any of your problems. You can’t escape your mistakes; you have to face them. Now is a good time to try and fix your relations with your loved ones before you lose them. If someone else is killing an angel in your dream that means that you will face some injustice in the near future. Perhaps someone will take credit for the work you have done or you will be falsely accused of doing something. A lot of time will be needed for you to recover from such a thing. You will need to realize that these things happen and that you need to take care of yourself and heal emotionally.

Dream of kissing an Angel

A dream in which you are having any kind of intimacy with an angel symbolizes the need for love and attention. If you have been married for a long time you may feel like your partner has been neglecting you lately. You are worried you lack closeness in your relationship. Perhaps your everyday obligations take too much time. You need to nurture healthy communication between you and your partner. It is normal to feel like you’re not in your “honeymoon phase” anymore, but you still have plenty of love between the two of you.
On the other hand, if you have been alone for a while, you need to consider what is it that prevents you from opening up to others. Looking disinterested will not intrigue people enough to approach you. Perhaps you criticize yourself too much or you can’t let go of the past mistakes. You have put up walls in order to protect yourself from others. Instead of pushing people away, you should try to open up and make yourself vulnerable. Perhaps it will bring some new people in your life who will understand and appreciate you.

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Dreaming of a naked Angel

If an angel in your dream is naked that means that you will hear good news. It is possible that you will be visited by someone you haven’t seen for a long time. It could be your old friend or crush. You can expect to have a great time with them and reminiscent about old times.

Dreaming of a dressed Angel

Angels dressed in white symbolize love and peace. These kinds of dreams are dreamt when you are feeling happy and satisfied and also when you need peace. If your life is currently chaotic then this dream represents your need for peace and relaxation. However, if you dream about an angel dressed in black then this symbolizes your feeling of guilt because of something. You probably feel the need to make things right. You do not want to feel the burden of your past mistakes anymore. If the angel in your dream is in colorful clothes, then you can expect great news which will make you feel ecstatic. You will be happy and satisfied and your view on life will change for the better.

Dream of female Angel

If you dreamt about a female angel that symbolizes love, prosperity, fertility and peace. The burden you might be feeling right now could soon disappear. Your everyday problems and worries will stop bringing your mood down. You will manage to find some time for yourself and you will be surrounded by friends and family which will significantly improve your mood.

Dream of male Angel

The male angel in the dream represents the need for protection. You have probably felt completely alone for some time now and some help to get through a difficult period would come in handy. You would like to have someone by your side who will take care of you. A male angel can also symbolize suppressed fear or anger.

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