Dreams about a Spider – interpretation and symbolism

Spiders are air-breathing arthropods and usually have eight legs. Some species are venomous to humans. Spiders inject their venom with their fangs. While in most spiders they produce webs, in some, spinnerets extrude silk. Dreams of spiders bring a great variety of meanings. So dreams of a spider could be an indicator of good business opportunities but also a danger to your own life. In our dream dictionary, we offer you interpretations of dreams about a spider.

15 Interpretations of dreams about a spider

To dream of seeing a spider

When you dream of a spider but don’t interact with it, it generally means that you will hear good news. If you are expecting news related to work, you can finally relax because its outcome will be exactly what you want. There is a possibility that you will receive an offer to move abroad and this will significantly improve your life. The efforts you made paid off and you are proud of yourself. You try to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Dream about a spider web

If you dream of a spider web, it means that you have a good business year ahead of you. If you haven’t had any luck in previous years, the time has come to make progress.

Dream about a spider weaving a web

Dreams about a spider weaving a web in your dream, it means success. Like a spider, you will probably dedicate yourself to a project that you implement step by step. You will not despair that your days and nights will pass working because you will have in mind the goal that you have set. 

To dream of being entangled in a spider’s web

When you become entangled in a spider’s web in a dream, it implies that you are dissatisfied with your love life. You may feel like your marriage or relationship is like a trap that you were mistakenly lured into. You will criticize everything your partner does and you will no longer find anything positive in your relationship. This dream can also mean that someone you know often burdens you with their problems. Perhaps you are considered a person who tolerates a lot and others abuse that. Don’t let your kindness be mistaken for stupidity. You need to distance yourself from those who want to impose guilt on you by playing the victim. This person can be your partner and if that person is part of your family, do everything you can to protect yourself from him or her because they will try to manipulate you.

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To dream that a spider bit you

If a spider bites you in a dream, it indicates that you will be disappointed. Your partner might not be honest with you and you might learn many things from other people. As a result, you will become distant, and possibly break up. This will result in you trying to avoid getting into serious relationships out of fear of being hurt again.

To dream that you killed a spider

If you kill a spider in a dream, it means that you will fight your fears. You used to be the kind of person who wavers as soon as they see an obstacle on the way. However, things are different now and you face your problems and try to solve them as best as you can. This dream can also mean that you got rid of a dishonest friend. It is possible that you felt betrayed because the person you considered close spread rumors about you. Sometimes you wonder if you did the right thing, but then you remember all the things you went through together and realize that there are more bad things than good.

To dream of eating a spider

When you eat a spider in your dream, it implies that you are the dominant one in the relationship. You are a strong person who finds it very difficult to follow others and you have certain criteria that your partner must meet. It is possible that by doing this you want to hide the insecurity you occasionally feel and you want to convince yourself that you do not need the other half to feel complete.

To dream that a spider is laying eggs

Dreams about a spider laying eggs, it means that you did not want to bother doing something. You probably quit your job too early because you were simply bored with it. Although you had a lot to offer, you decided to retire and be happy.

To dream of being surrounded by spiders

If you dreamed that spiders were all around you, that symbolizes unreasonable fear. There is something that scares you and prevents you from looking at life from a different perspective. You can’t see the bigger picture so you can’t see the sunshine beyond the clouds. It is normal to be afraid of the future because it is uncertain, but that does not mean that we cannot use our potential now to achieve our goals and desires. It’s time to finally start fighting for what you believe in.

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To dream of running away from a spider

Running away from a spider in a dream means that you will discover that someone lied to you or hid the truth in order to protect you. It is possible that a family member or partner has kept silent about your health problems because they did not want to hurt you. However, you will soon find out what it is and you will be sad that you did not know about it until now.

To dream of chasing a spider

Chasing a spider in a dream with the intention of killing it can be a sign that you should give up an idea or a job that does not provide the desired results. Namely, you have been working on something for a long time, but progress is almost invisible. You should give up on that and turn to more fruitful things in your life.

To dream that you have caught a spider

If you dreamed that you managed to catch a spider, but you did not kill it, it means that you will make the right decision. You are probably in a dilemma at the moment because you do not know how to solve a problem in the most effective way. 

Dream about a spider walking around the room

To see a spider walking around the room in your dream symbolizes problems in communication between you and family members. You may not be able to agree on something, and a heated debate will ensue. Restrain yourself if you do not want to regret the words you may speak while you’re angry.

To dream that a spider is walking on your bed

A dream in which a spider walks on your bed or under it means that there is a female person in your life who is trying to control you. It could be your mother, partner or boss who makes you feel trapped.

To dream that a spider is walking on you

This kind of dream indicates that you are facing a rather turbulent period. You will face numerous obligations, and you will have to solve your own problems. All this could lead to increased levels of stress, so you should take care of your mental and physical health, regardless of the fact that you consider some other things more important.

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