Dreaming of a Husky – dream interpretation

What does it mean to dream about a Husky?

If you see a Siberian Husky in a dream it means you are a very gullible person and you only see good in people. For that reason, you never notice when somebody is trying to hurt you. You have had some bad experiences but you have not learned anything from them. Even though the consequences were never catastrophic it doesn´t mean you should trust people as much. With a healthy dose of skepticism, you can protect yourself from evil people.

Dreaming about a husky dragging sleds

This dream implies that you will handle some stressful situations very well. You will show endurance bravery and resolve to do what is necessary in order to make everyone happy and satisfied. It may drain you but you will not let your loved ones notice it.

These kinds of dreams may have various meanings, depending on the context and details of the dream.

To dream about buying a Husky

When you dream that you are buying a husky it represents your need for solitude. You have been under a lot of stress lately so you need some peace and quiet. What you desire to most is to crawl up in bed for days, not to do anything and think about anything. These kinds of dreams have people that feel a lack of freedom and independence in bringing important life decisions.

Dreaming about selling a Husky

This could be a premonition of a dream come true. Maybe you will finally find a job you would enjoy or a person you could see yourself in the future with. It could mean a pregnancy for young couples or getting a grandchild for elders. It will give your life a whole new meaning.

To dream about getting a husky as a present

If somebody gives you a Husky or any other dog in a dream, it implies you are lonely. Your loved ones have full lives and you don´t see them often. On the other hand, you are in desperate need of company but everyone you know found that special someone whose company they enjoy. If you give yourself a chance, change the perspective, you could find your soulmate as well.

Dreaming about giving a husky away

This dream signifies turbulent relations with your partner. Sometimes playing games (hot & cold) gives you more headache than pleasure. It is possible your partner has been insecure when it comes to your feelings toward him, but he is too afraid to admit it. For that reason, it may often seem as if he is running from you, distancing himself. You should both change your approach in order to make your relationship better. Some people just need a little bit of space in order to be happy. If you give your partner room to breathe, he will show you much more love and affection.

Dreaming about training a Husky

This represents great challenges. It is possible you are in the middle of a crossroads in your life and the decisions you make at this time will affect your life forever. You may be thinking about changing your job or moving somewhere. Even though it may seem scary, don´t worry, you will quickly get used to the changes. Have a little more faith in yourself, the transition will be smoother than you think.

To dream about giving Husky a bath

Bathing a Husky in a dream is a warning that you worry too much over the things you cannot change. You are constantly under stress because of the things that happen to you that you couldn´t predict. You like to have everything under control, but that is not possible at the moment. You have to find a way to relax, if not, it could have negative effects on your health.

Dreaming of combing a Husky

This means that you are a stubborn person. You care a lot about your opinions and your convictions to be respected even when you know that you´re wrong. You will never admit your mistakes which always leads to a conflict with others. You don´t respect authority. You change jobs and partners very often because there aren´t a lot of people who will tolerate your stubbornness.

To dream about being attacked by a Husky

This is a premonition of shocking news. You will be surprised by someone’s decision or an act but instead of gossiping about it with your friends and your family, try to put yourself in that person’s position. Don´t judge before, at least, trying to understand why that person did what she or he did.

To dream about getting bitten by a Husky

You need to stop provoking people you don´t like. No matter how much you enjoy getting people angry, it is not an excuse for bad behavior. You’re not gaining anything, you just risking becoming the most hated person in your surroundings.

Dreaming about a dead husky body

Dead husky signifies that someone will insult your intelligence. There is nothing that annoys you as much as stupidity. You get especially annoyed when somebody is trying to convince you of something you know for a fact it just isn´t so. However, you will put yourself in a position in which somebody calls you stupid which will enrage you.  It is very likely that you will not be on the speaking terms with that person any longer.

The meaning of these dreams could be simple if you own a husky and recently saw husky in the park or TV it may have left an impression on you.

Definition of Siberian husky according to Merriam-Webster:

any of a breed of medium-sized thick-coated compact dogs that were developed in Siberia for use as sled dogs and that have erect ears and a bushy tail

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