Dreaming about Santa Claus – Dream meaning

Dreams of Santa

If we see Santa Claus in our dreams, it shows that we are struggling with a strong desire to return to childhood. That is a period when we were full of joy and free of the stress we encounter in our adult life. Often, dreaming about Santa Claus can symbolize the need for forgiveness.

9 interpretation of the most common dreams about Santa

Dream of seeing Santa flying across the sky

Watching Santa Claus fly around in our dreams symbolizes a deep need for imagination or the desire to break free from the reality of daily life. You either have some worry in your life which you are subconsciously trying to avoid or you are bored by your daily routine. You need to try and solve your problems.

On the other hand, if you are bored by your daily routine, you need to switch things up a bit. Doing the same thing every day makes life uneventful. If you are afraid of change, try changing small things in your life such as taking a different route home. Seeing new scenery will improve your mood and occupy your brain, plus it’s a good time to relax.

Dreaming about Santa’s beard

Santa Claus’s beard is the archetype of wisdom and anyone who dreams about it while dreaming about Santa is wise enough not to be scared of making big decisions. If there is a big dilemma in front of you, you will be calm and collected enough to decide what to do. You will not be afraid to make a move and progress in your life.

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Dreaming of being intimate with Santa Claus

If you dream of having intercourse with Santa Claus then that might indicate the need for a partner who is more mature. You might need an experienced partner in bed. You might also seek someone more mentally mature who you can trust. In dreams, symbolism is often inverted, so this kind of dream could actually represent ourselves. Perhaps you wish to be more open about your sexuality or you wish to act more maturely.

Dream with angry Santa Claus

If you dream about an angry Santa Claus, your brain is recreating a childhood trauma involving your parents or someone else. You need to put the bad memories behind you and focus on the good things that are happening in your life. Another interpretation suggests that this dream represents a warning suggesting that we lost our imagination and the ability to be surprised.

Dream about Santa Claus in a dark outfit

If Santa is wearing a black suit instead of red, the dream is a reminder of the times when we were neglected during our childhood. It can also mean that we are feeling lonely and have very little hope for the future.

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Dreaming of Christmas tree

Dreaming about the Christmas tree represents the joined effort of the whole family in order to decorate the tree. Because of this, dreaming about a Christmas tree often invokes a sense of harmony in the family.

Dreaming of a decorated Christmas tree

The tree is a symbol of life, stability, prosperity and strength, life and stability. If the tree in your dream is decorated, it means that you have a life filled with excitement. Red decoration stands for heat, purple stands for spiritual wealth, green stands for optimism, blue for intelligence, and yellow for the prosperity in relationships.

Dream of Christmas tree which is not decorated

If the Christmas tree in your dream did not have any decorations, that indicates that you currently have a pessimistic view on life or that you wish for your family to be more involved in your life. You should admit how you feel and it is very likely that your family will understand your needs and get more involved.

Dream about receiving gifts for Christmas

Dreaming about getting gifts for Christmas is a sign that good things are coming your way in the future. You are ready for all the positive things which will happen in your life.

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